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Of all the atrocities that occurred in WWII, the severe persecution of certain groups of people was one of the worst and this is seen in Gerda: A Flame In Winter. As Gerda explores and meets new people, she will come to see just how many are trying to flee to somewhere safe.

There are those who fear the war will come to them sooner or later, soldiers who desert out of fear of death, and persecuted groups like the Jews trying to escape capture. Towards the start, Gerda meets a German-Jewish woman named Esther and her daughter Sophia, who want nothing more than to escape to Sweden.

Meeting Esther And Sophia

Just before Gerda and Anders get separated, Anders will make a reference to ducklings at a pond. Lead Gerda to that location and go into the Fisherman's Hut to find Esther and Sophia. They will immediately be hostile, so make sure to quickly name-drop Anders and let them know you're a friend.

Soon, Father Jacob will arrive, and it will be revealed that he has been helping them. Build your Trust with Jacob and Esther, so it's easier to work with them. You'll also learn that Sophia is pretty sick and will need something stronger than the usual treatment.

How To Save Esther And Sophia

Esther and Sophia's quest line involves getting them on a train to Sweden as quickly and safely as possible. To start, they need to get somewhere safe. After you meet them, they'll be directed to the Resistance hideout where they'll be sheltered for the time being.

Then comes treating Sophia's illness. You'll learn during your day at the Clinic that Dr. Harald has obtained a vial of back-then valuable Penicillin. In order to get it, you'll need to break into the Clinic by yourself. There will be a conflict between two other parties, but Gerda will be able to hold onto the Penicillin to give it to Jacob for Sophia.

Next, you have to get their papers so that the two of them have clearance to leave. You'll need to go with Torben to the meetup and let him do the talking to get the forged papers. As you leave, soldiers will arrive suspicious of Torben being so far from where he's cleared to operate. Make sure you cooperate and keep Torben calm to prevent alerting the soldiers.

With the papers in hand, you'll need to help Esther and Sophia through the checkpoint by the Clinic. You'll have two lines to choose from: left and right. The left line has a soldier who's open to taking bribes, but you'll need to have some quality alcohol or Premium Goods to offer. The right line has a soldier who is open to reasonable explanations. If you go to him, you can use Mental Energy to convince him that Esther and Sophia are simply returning home.

Finally, you need to make sure that they get on the train safely. When the attack starts getting set up, a Train Worker will bring Esther and Sophia's papers into question. When you have the option, go over to help Esther and Sophia. Use Mental Energy to convince the Train Worker that Esther and Sophia's papers must be real to have gotten to this point. They will then safely get on the train and leave before things go down.

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