Genshin Impact: How To Observe The Shadow On The Sundial In Time The Wind Quest

When a game presents you with a world as big and beautiful as Teyvat in Genshin Impact, it can be easy to get lost in all the side content. From gathering materials, taking part in various activities, and venturing on side quests, there’s never a shortage of distractions. One of these quests, Time and the Wind, is a standout for just how tricky it can be. It will put your mind to the test with a particularly difficult puzzle to observe the shadow on the sundial. If this clue left you scratching your head, our guide will help you unravel the mystery of how to observe the shadow on the sundial in Genshin Impact.

Starting The Time And The Wind Quest

Before you go looking to take on this quest, know that it is intended for higher level characters. While the puzzle may be tough, the combat is just as challenging, suited for characters around level 40.

Once you’re ready to take on this quest, begin your journey to a small island off the coast of the northeast side of the map. Unfortunately this island is unnamed, so the best way to find it is by looking out to sea from the top of Starsnatch Cliff. Once you spot it, your vantage point on Starsnatch Cliff will be your best launching off point to glide over. This will be a long flight, so you’ll need some stamina boosting food to make it all the way there.

Once you make it to the island, you will have to crack open the rock near a small campsite to pick up the Ragged Notebook item for the cryptic instructions of “observe the shadow on the sundial.” This sundial is further in on the island on an open platform.

Solving The Sundial Puzzle

Make sure it is close to 2am when you interact with the sundial, and be sure to have a character with the Wind element. You’ll need to use your elemental vision to see the four wind orbs you have to collect, with the first being just behind the sundial. Jump and climb on the pillars to get close enough to use a wind attack on the orb, which will cause the other three to spawn.

Go back to the sundial and use your vision again to see a path leading up one of the nearby pillars. Climb all the way to the top and break it with another wind attack. From this vantage point you will be able to see the next orb far off to the North on a small rock off the coast. Glide down and disperse this one just like the others.

The final orb you’re looking for is on the opposite end of the island on the south beach. From the beach you will see it floating out above the water, so hitting it with a wind arrow would be the easiest way to reach this target. Hitting this last orb will cause a storm to form over the wind dial. Go back to the center and use your vision to see a large orb. Get ready, because breaking this one will spawn the boss of this quest, which is a level 40 Eye of the Storm Relentless Elemental.

Partway through the fight the boss will flee and you will need to fly after it to the Thousand Winds Temple. There is yet another sundial here that you will need to use in the exact same way as the first – set your time to 2am and hunt down the wind orbs. This will bring the boss back for you to finally finish off and put this quest to bed.

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