Genshin Impact: How To Access The Sword Cemetery In Dadaupa Lake

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Near the lake in the Dadaupa Gorge area, Genshin Impact players will encounter an adventurer named Dr. Livingstone. She is trying to break an energy barrier at the lake, where the graves of the fallen are marked with swords, as she believes there is a treasure to be found within. Players who help her will get a share of the spoils.

The barrier is powered by three monuments nearby, each controlled by a local hilichurl tribe. With this guide, you'll learn everything you need to activate the monuments and claim the treasure of the sword cemetery!

How To Activate the Cryo Monument

North of the sword cemetery is the Cryo Monument, protected by the Meaty Tribe. The monument itself sits in the middle of a ceremonial ring, and any who set foot inside the ring are challenged to a series of arena battles. You'll need to win these fights within 100 seconds to be allowed to approach the Cryo Monument. There is no break between rounds — as soon as a group of enemies is defeated, the next one spawns in.

  • 2x Cryo Slimes
  • As their name implies, Cryo Slimes are immune to Cryo Damage.
  • Cryo Slimes favor hit-and-run tactics, so close the distance and keep the pressure on.
  • 1x Hydro Samachurl
  • Hydro attacks only deal half damage to the Hydro Samachurl.
  • 2x Electro Slimes
  • Electro slimes purposely inflict Electro on themselves, potentially setting up an Elemental Reaction.
  • Inflicting Pyro on the Electro Slimes can cause an explosion. Just be sure you're out of the blast radius.
  • 1x Electro Slime
  • 1x Hydro Samachurl
  • You might be able to get some extra damage on the Samachurl by making sure it's wet then affecting the Electro Slime with Hydro.
    • Doing so can cause an Elemental Reaction that deals Electro damage to wet creatures nearby.
  • 2x Hilichurl Fighter
  • 1x Wooden Shieldwall Mitachurl
  • Be careful about getting too close to the Mitachurl — it will respond with its Smack attack.
  • The Mitachurl's shield can be destroyed by setting it on fire with Pyro.
  • The Hilichurls are comparatively weak, so eliminate them first. That way, you can focus on the Mitachurl.

Once you have completed the arena battle, you won't just be able to access the Cryo Monument, but you can also open the chests surrounding the ring. Be sure to open them for well-deserved loot! The Cryo Monument can be activated by hitting it with a Cryo-elemental attack.

How To Activate the Electro Monument

South of the lake is the Sleeper Tribe, which guards the Electro Monument. As Dr. Livingstone says, the Sleeper Tribe spends most of the day dozing — you can walk right into their village. The Electro Monument stands in a pond at the village center, surrounded by wooden towers. Activate the Electro Monument by hitting it with an Electro-elemental attack. In addition to weakening the barrier at the sword cemetery, activating the monument also grants access to a Precious Chest in the village.

Once the monument is activated, the Sleeper Tribe wakes up. Stationed at the top of each wooden tower is a Hilichurl Shooter who will attack you at long range. You don't strictly need to defeat them, as you can just flee the village, but it's easy enough to climb each tower and dispatch your attackers for some experience points.

How To Activate the Pyro Monument

Southeast of Dadaupa Lake, you'll find the Eclipse Tribe. Their Pyro Monument is guarded by a trio of elite enemies. You'll need to simultaneously battle a Cryo Abyss Mage, an Anemo Samachurl, and a Wooden Shield Mitachurl. Pyro attacks are useful here, as they can both incinerate the Mitachurl's shield and quickly deplete the Abyss Mage's barrier. You can also inflict the Abyss Mage with Electro and get the other enemies wet to damage them over time via elemental reactions.

Once the guardians are defeated, hit the monument with a Pyro-elemental attack to activate it. Doing so will also unseal a Precious Chest nearby.

Opening The Sword Cemetery Chest

Once all three monuments have been activated, return to Dadaupa Lake to open the chest and claim your reward. You'll receive a four-star Artifact, as well as a Mystic Enhancement Ore and a Northlander Claymore Billet that will be useful for forging. Completing this quest also allows you to take on occasional Transport Requests from Dr. Livingstone, so be sure to come back and check in with her now and then.

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