Genshin Impact: Hangout Guide For Shikanoin Heizou

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The Hangout Series in Genshin Impact is ever-expanding as we get an opportunity to spend some time with more and more four-star characters. The famous doushin and detective from the Tenryou Commission, Shikanoin Heizou is next in line to get to spend some time with the famous Traveler.

In this hangout, we will get to know more about the mischievous ways Heizou uses to get his way with anything he wants. At first glance, he comes across as a clever character who would do anything to get what he wants, but as we progress, we get to know about his warm heart. Other than that, we are also greeted by some familiar faces during the quest.

How To Unlock Shikanoin Heizou's Hangout

This hangout can't be unlocked in the early game as it features a lot of places and characters that come pretty late in the story of Teyvat. Hence, the first criterion to unlock Heizou's hangout is to get to Adventure Rank 40 or above.

Further, players need to finish the main Archon storyline of Inazuma by finishing the third act – named Omnipresence Over Mortals. Once you've finished this quest, you can unlock two of Raiden Shogun's story quests and Arataki Itto's story quest. These are also required for unlocking the Hangout.

After finishing all the quests, you'll have to collect a total of two keys which can be acquired by finishing dailies to unlock the Hangout and experience life from Heizou's perspective.

How To Unlock All Endings In Shikanoin Heizou's Hangout

For those of you who would like to experience the Hangout themselves without any spoilers, this section will give you details about the general choices you need to make to reach every ending in the quest. The entire quest will be discussed in-depth, later mentioning all the puzzles and dialogues.


Upon starting the Hangout, you'll be asked to visit the Bantan Sango Detective Agency and talk to Sango and Ryuuji. Upon talking to them, you will find out that Heizou is missing, and Tenryou Commission has asked for their help to find him.

Upon visiting Watatsumi Island and talking to Shibata, you'll be asked to head East, where you'll find Heizou in a cage with some Nobushi and Treasure Hoarders around him. Defeat them to talk to the beloved detective, where you'll be faced with your first choice.

Choices And Respective Endings

EndingChoices Required To Achieve It
Memories Do Not Evaporate
  1. Agree with Heizou and accept his request to stay on Watatsumi Island to investigate his intuition.
  2. Investigate the boxes around and talk to Heizou once more before heading over to Sangonomiya Shrine.
  3. Talk to Shibata, Gorou, and then Heizou afterward to learn about his intuition again. Here, choose the option to stay on Watatsumi Island once again.
  4. Follow Todoroki and Tokuda and investigate the boxes again. After that, wait until the next day for a confrontation.
  5. Head over to the Sangonomiya Shrine for the last part of this quest to unlock this ending.
The Three Undeceivables
  1. Ask Heizou to come back with you to the Tenryou Commission (one of the left options).
  2. After the dialogue at the police station, read all the files on the cabinets in the corner and then talk to Heizou again.
  3. Choose the option about the approval for "Heizou Talks Fraud" and head over to the Grand Narukami Shrine with him.
  4. Find all three VIPs for the play on the next day and head over to the location to watch it.
  5. During the play, assist Itto by asking him to follow his heart to unlock this ending.
Free Onikabuto Lunch
  1. Simply follow the steps in The Three Undeceivables up to step four.
  2. Warn Itto about Etsu and Iba during the play to unlock this ending.
There's One Secret
  1. Follow the steps in The Three Undeceivables until the second step.
  2. While talking to Heizou after looking at the files, tell him that you're more concerned about the complaint letter.
  3. Talk to Sango and Ryuuji once again before heading back to the police station and talking to Owada and Uesugi.
  4. Look at all the files on the cabinets regarding the Ryuuji case before heading back to Heizou and telling him the motive and the means of the murder.
  5. Find a quiet place to talk to Heizou and learn the full truth behind the case.
  6. Head back to Sango and Ryuuji. Choose the option about Sango being wrong to unlock this ending.
The Famous Detective's Principles
  1. To unlock the final ending, follow There's One Secret up until the fifth step.
  2. While talking to Sango and Ryuuji, choose the option to tell Ryuuji the truth and wait for the next day afterward.
  3. Head over to Netsuke no Gen Crafts to find Ryuuji and unlock all the endings in Shikanoin Heizou's hangout.

Hangout Rewards

Upon unlocking all the endings in Hangout, you will get to learn more about Shikanoin's mindset and his outlook on life. Other than that, you will also unlock a plethora of rewards with each ending you receive, and here's what they are:

  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, three Guides to Transience
  • 100 Adventure EXP, five Hero's Wits, three Vayuda Turquiose Fragments
  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, five The Only Truth
  • 100 Adventure EXP, five Hero's Wits, three Vayuda Turquiose Fragments
  • 100 Adventure EXP, 20 Primogems, three Guides to Transience

Spoiler Territory Below! In-Depth Hangout Guide

The Missing Person

Upon starting the Hangout, you will be asked to go to the Bantan Sango Detective Agency where you'll talk to Sango and Ryuuji to learn that Shikanoin Heizou is missing. You will also get a hint of a feud between Sango and Heizou as they tell you that he was last seen on Watatsumi Island.

Upon reaching the Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island, you'll be asked to talk to Shibata who will tell you that Heizou was last seen on the East side of the shrine. This location will be marked with a yellow marker for you.

An interesting fact about this quest is that this is the first Hangout where Paimon is present.

When you reach the location, you will find Heizou in a cage guarded by a few Nobushi and Treasure Hoarders. Defeat the enemies and the detective will come out of the cage and greet the Traveler for the first time. After a bit of dialogue, you will face the first major choice in this Hangout.

  • Choice One: Ask Heizou to come with you back to the Tenryou Commission.

The two options on the left will both lead you to this choice and also give you a heart. Upon choosing one of these options, Heizou will agree to come with you back to the police station, saying that he can look into the Watatsumi issue later. This part will be continued in the Report Back quest.

  • Choice Two: Stay with Heizou and investigate the mystery on Watatsumi Island.

The two options on the right will direct you to this choice, also giving you a heart in the process. Here, Heizou will ask you to partner up and search for The Missing Thing on the island.

The Missing Thing

Once the dialogue ends, investigate the two boxes with white arrows on top of them and then talk to Heizou to find out that the goods were possibly stolen from trade caravans. To inquire more, head back to Shibata at the Sangonomiya Shrine where you will be interrupted by a familiar face.

Gorou will tell you that there have been thefts, but it's a secret between a select few to not cause any panic. Once you're done talking to Gorou, find a quiet place to talk about Heizou's intuition. He will tell you that he thinks Gorou is lying – which will give you another choice.

Once you're confronted with this choice, select the option to trust Heizou and stay on Watatsumi to continue the quest. Head over to the marker to eavesdrop on a conversation between Todoroki and Tokuda.

At this point, you will be required to follow the two without making them aware of your location. Use the crouch mode and hide behind objects without going anywhere near your target. If they manage to catch you, you'll have to repeat this segment.

After another bit of dialogue, investigate the boxes again and find out that Todoroki is involved in smuggling medicinal goods from foreign lands. Talk to the captured Treasure Hoarder to confirm Heizou's intuition and then wait for the next day to confront Todoroki.

Upon confronting him, he will ask the soldiers to arrest you and Heizou, but Gorou will intervene at this point, telling us the truth of the matter. Heizou will accept to stay on Watatsumi given that Gorou lets the Traveler go free. Talk to Heizou after this to unlock Memories Do Not Evaporate ending.

Report Back

Taking Heizou back to the Police Station, you will be greeted with a pleasant sight as Kujou Sara will be there herself to scold him. The traveler will vouch for Shikanoin and Sara will assign the player as his supervisor as she hands him a complaint letter. After the dialogue, he will ask you to look at his files on the cabinet.

After investigating the three files on the cabinet, head back to Heizou and you will be faced with another major choice that will decide which ending you'll be getting. There will be a total of four choices, but only two of them are correct.

  • Choice One: I'm more concerned about the complaint letter against you.

This choice will start a quest line where you'll be looking for the person who issued a complaint against Heizou and resolving their issue. This will be continued in Long Sealed Mystery.

  • Choice Two: An approval reply for "Heizou Talks Fraud".

Upon choosing this, Heizou will be glad that his request has finally been approved as he wants to host a talk show to prevent people from getting scammed. He will also tell us how this is a big issue and the story will be continued in Heizou Talks Fraud.

Heizou Talks Fraud

Head over to the Grand Narukami Shrine and look for Kano Nana. Upon talking to her, she will go and fetch Etsu for Heizou. Etsu is a fascinating NPC who was caught for scamming people, but her sentence was reduced with Heizou's help given that she does community service.

After convincing her to be a VIP during the play, you'll do the same with Iba in the city. Next, you'll head over to Hanamizaka to find another familiar face bullying a child. Talk to Itto and convince him to be a part of the play without telling him that he'll be the victim of the scam.

Once everyone is ready, skip the time to the time shown on the screen and head over to the location marked. Here, a long and interesting dialogue will take place, and you'll be given the choice to help Itto at the end. Your choice here will decide the ending you get.

  • Choice One: Itto, keep an eye out for Etsu and Iba!

This will make Itto aware of what's happening, and he will finally prevent himself from getting scammed, just like Heizou wanted. Afterward, Heizou will give him the promised reward which isn't exactly what he expected, unlocking the Free Onikabuto Lunch ending.

  • Choice Two: Itto, just follow your heart!

This choice will also make Itto prevent him from being scammed but in his own intriguing way. Later on, Heizou will mention that he also got scammed, unlocking The Three Undeceivables ending.

Long Sealed Mystery

Heizou will tell you that Sango is the one who issued a complaint against him. After that, you'll head back to the Detective Agency to confront her, and she'll ask him to show her all the files from the Ryuuji Case. Ryuuji will explain the story behind the name of the case to the Traveler.

Upon finishing the dialogue, Sango will trust you to look at the files and make your judgment. At this point, you'll head back to the police station and have a chat with Owada and Uesugi. After that, Heizou will ask you to look through all the files in the same cabinet as before.

Here, you'll need to read all the files carefully before talking to Heizou once again and telling him your opinion on the motives and the means. Here are the correct choices:

  • Motive: Shiroyama's Testament and Takatsukasa Isamu's Message
  • Means: The Autopsy Report of Takatsukasa Isamu, Shiroyama's Testament, and the Toxicology Report

When you've chosen both the correct choices, the story will continue. Head over to a quiet place to talk to Heizou, and he will reveal the final clue, telling you about the hidden truth within the case and how Ryuuji was unintentionally involved in the murder.

Now, you'll head back to Sango and Ryuuji as Heizou lets you decide if you want to tell them the truth or not. This will be another decisive choice as it will change the ending.

  • Choice One: Sango was wrong about Heizou, and the murderer was indeed Shiroyama.

You decide that it's better for Ryuuji to not know the truth. This makes Sango angry, specifically at Heizou, unlocking the There's One Secret ending.

  • Choice Two: Detective Heizou hid some evidence, the truth of the matter is…

After knowing the truth, Ryuuji runs off as his stomach starts hurting. The next day, you head over to the yellow marker to find him with Takatsukasa's daughter and this unlocks the final ending, The Famous Detective's Principles.

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