Genshin Impact: Best Team Members For Gorou

With each new update, the character roster in Genshin Impact grows, bit by bit. The game now features a formidable cast of characters of all shapes, sizes, and elements. While there are plenty of coveted, new, and limited five-star characters coming out, such as the Raiden Shogun, there's also plenty of new four-star characters available permanently, like Itto Sara and Gorou, the Watatsumi General.

Gorou is Genshin Impact's first Geo archer, and his introduction certainly adds a lot of new strategies to the game. Gorou is primarily a Support character, and he shines on a team with multiple Geo characters. If you're feeling unsure of who to bring with him, consider these team members to make the most of Gorou's support capabilities.

8 Ningguang

Ningguang is a solid Geo character who can hit hard and fill multiple roles thanks to her versatility. She can be your main DPS in any party, but with Gorou she's especially powerful, thanks to his abilities gaining a boost from the number of Geo users in your party.

Ningguang shoots Geo gems that stack Star Jades. You can accumulate these to use charged attacks that deal extra damage. Gorou's Elemental Skill provides a defense stat boost and resistance to interruption since you'll have at least two Geo party members (Ningguang and Gorou), so you can focus on dealing more and more damage with Ningguang after activating Gorou's skill.

7 Geo Traveler

Sometimes overlooked, the Geo Traveler can be a great Sub-DPS in a Gorou team composition. Since Gorou is a Support character, he heavily relies on his Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill to propel your team's capabilities.

This is where the Geo Traveler comes in. Besides their Elemental Burst, which increases damage done on field, the Geo Traveler can also provide energy for Gorou, making it easier to activate his Elemental Burst more frequently.

6 Noelle

Noelle is one of Genshin Impact's free characters. She's a guaranteed pull in your first ten wishes, so everyone has her. However, that doesn't mean she's a pushover at all. In fact, it's quite the opposite and she makes both a great DPS and healing character for your Gorou team composition.

Noelle is a Geo claymore user, making her a valuable addition to your Gorou team since she uses Geo. Noelle has a hefty defense stat, an auto-shield talent that creates a shield around whichever character is active once their HP drops below a certain threshold, and her Elemental Skill summons a shield around her while also healing your party. She's a solid character to lean on, to take the brunt of the damage while also dishing out a hearty amount of it and keeping your team on their feet.

5 Zhongli

Definitely more of a premium character being a limited five-star character, Zhongli has a very powerful Elemental Burst, a useful Elemental Skill, and he's a Geo character, meaning having him on your team can work towards maximizing the benefits of Gorou's arsenal.

Zhongli does a moderate amount of damage, and it's ideal to build him as shield support, especially in this sort of team. With Geo Elemental Resonance, combined with Gorou's buffs, Zhongli's support capabilities go from great to incredible. Zhongli's shield Elemental Skill cooldown is short enough that it can protect you almost constantly, and with the added buffs from Gorou's skills, your enemies don't stand a chance.

4 Albedo

The Chalk Prince Albedo is a limited five-star character, a Geo sword user with unique capabilities who would be right at home with Gorou on a team.

Albedo's Elemental Skill creates flowers that deal Geo damage to enemies you attack within its Area of Effect. When used in conjunction with Gorou's Elemental Skill and a total of three Geo party members, this damage can be buffed further, setting up explosive amounts of damage constantly. Plus, Albedo can help generate Energy Particles so that Gorou's Elemental Burst can be used more frequently.

3 Arataki Itto

The newest Geo character in the game, alongside Gorou himself, is the five-star, claymore wielding Arataki Itto. He's a unique and stylish character with a fun personality and powerful capabilities that perfectly complement Gorou. Plus, since he has a claymore, that means he'll also be handy outside of combat if you're planning on mining some ore while out on the field.

If you have Itto, you can use him as a solid DPS. His Elemental Skill is a taunt with his bull, Ushi, that can help you with crowd control, but also, the more damage that gets dealt to Ushi, the more of a strength buff he gets, letting him unleash a devastating charged attack. Then you can unleash Itto's Elemental Burst attack. Throughout all this, Gorou's buffs make Itto a stronger and better DPS who keeps the heat on your enemies.

2 Kaeya

While parties with only Geo characters thrive when it comes to building a party around Gorou, there's also a variety of options available for Gorou's team that use another element. Kaeya is one of them.

When you're using Geo, it's a good idea to have another element around to create the crystal shards that occur as the result of a Crystallize reaction. Kaeya, being a great Cryo Sub-DPS, can use his Elemental Burst to apply Cryo to enemies even when you switch to another character, such as whoever your DPS might be. This setup makes it easy to create crystal shards and keep things fresh with another element.

1 Xinyan

If you have Xinyan, she's another great four-star character you can use on a Gorou team. Thanks to Gorou's buffs, combined with Geo Elemental Resonance, Xinyan's shield capabilities will be stronger.

Xinyan can also create Crystallize shards because she's a Pyro character. It's a good idea to consider how you're building her, and to look into equipping her with the Sacrificial Greatsword so that she can use her Elemental Skill and possibly end the skill cooldown immediately.

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