Genshin Impact: 10 Characters Who Have No Chill

Mischievous, clumsy, accomplished; troubled, determined, and fierce. Our beloved Genshin Impact companions show and teach us the ways of the world of Teyvat. Whether it's clashing blades, serving justice, helping the people, or navigating the nuances of society, these friends of ours always strive to do their best. Some more passionately; others more fiercely; and a few – very questionably.

Those lacking manners, hardcore ethics, and precious quirks are all a part of the charm that makes the journeys ventured between us and our travel-buddies so fun. Here are a few standouts you can expect to encounter along the road. These characters will never stop and smell the roses, they're too busy trampling over them to get to the next adventure.

10 Traveler: You Are The Menace

You've made quite the name for yourself. You've got pride, you've got skill, and you've visited hundreds of worlds. Traveler has seen it all – and because of it – has a personality equal parts sarcastic, judgmental, and kind. When you're not running around as Savior, Hero, and Honorary Knight, you're out fighting bosses and resolving civil wars; adventuring to abyssal depths and celestial highs.

Not to mention your side-gigs in festivals, cooking competitions, and tournaments. Smacking every monster and foe around for precious materials is just another Tuesday, as you take on every commission passed your way and wring the Adventurers Guild dry of their Mora. No, it's not easy being everyone's favorite errand-boy or girl, best friend and confidant as you solve the world's mysteries, but you do it all for your missing twin – and the money, of course.

9 Paimon: Your Partner-In-Crime

You fished her out of a river, and although you have no clue what she was doing in there in the first place, you've asked no questions, and she's been your trusty side-kick ever since. Paimon is an excitable, go-getter who has no problem kicking up a fuss if there's something that bothers her – regardless of if the person you're with is a complete stranger or a friend.

Her mouth waters just as eagerly over food as it does over lucrative treasures. And let's not forget – you can always count on Paimon to either roast everyone you meet, or brag about your accomplishments and grand feats as your proud best friend and never resting travel companion.

8 Venti: The Archon Of Wind And Wine

Your first impression of Venti is that he's a shady kid who runs around, up-to-no-good, dressed in all green. Not much of that changes even after the discovery that he's actually Mondstadt's Archon. A free spirit – and something of an alcoholic. It's pretty normal to find this young god passed out in a bar, winding up adrift in a boat overseas, or coercing certain Knights of Favonius into paying for expensive wines, in exchange for services.

Wholly unapologetic and somewhat chaotic, Venti has zero qualms about breaking into sanctimonious vaults, parroting Paimon in mockery unprovoked – or trying to spin a lie or two in order to get out of the troublesome situations he's landed himself in.

7 Chongyun: Not Yin But Yang

Once upon a time, an important clan visited the Wanmin Restaurant to dine. A celebratory outing that turned into a debacle as the daughter of the restaurant's owner found herself getting slapped on the forehead with a ward and chased around with a sword. The culprit was none other than Chongyun. He may look cool and calm and collected, but the truth is, it's all discipline.

Much to his dismay, Chongyun was born with a fiery spirit and incredible overabundance of yang energy. Without suppressing its overflow, wild impulses overtake him and tend to spurn chaos in the near vicinity. Even so, Chongyun is determined to 'purge evil', taking the matter of finding spirits and vanquishing them so seriously, while a great deal tends to fly straight over his head.

6 Childe: Whale-Man

Snezhnaya's Eleventh; the youngest Harbinger on the field, a terror in battle and foodie extraordinaire. There's no one in his wintry homeland in the ranks who hasn't heard the name 'Childe'. Logically there isn't a reason to summon a massive Hydro Whale and have it belly-flop onto your opponents, but Tartaglia will do it anyway for the sheer glee and amusement it brings him as he watches the trouncing unfold.

With an insatiable thirst for battle, his bright eyes are on the constant look-out for worthy opponents to hone his skills against. It doesn't matter whether he's used as a catalyst for chaos in others' schemes, so long as he gets to dive into the nexus of carnage himself and test his might, he'll be there. The bigger the challenge, the better!

5 Diluc: Mondstadt's Dark Knight

He doesn't skulk the streets in the shadows of the night with a gravelly voice and chip on his shoulders about bats, but he does don a mask to see justice be done himself. Once a Captain in the Knights of Favonius himself, Diluc has no problem pointing out their flaws to their faces. His lack of respect for the Knight Order ruffles a feather or two, but it's not really his concern, as much of his focus goes towards ensuring the care of Mondstadt's wine industry and getting rid of threats to the city.

Though those methods are a bit unscrupulous. Amusingly, he became Snezhnaya's Number One Wanted for thrashing Fatui encampments so horribly they had to send Harbingers to track him down to put an end to it. Sadly, they failed. To this day, Diluc exists as a nuisance-of-a-thorn in their side.

4 Shenhe: Crane Of The Adepti

Shenhe was born human, but raised by the Adepti of Liyue. As a result, her social skills are… somewhat lacking. From a distance she appears impassive and distant, on the surface she seems uncaring, as she'll very calmly tell those who pick a fight with her or disrupt the peace that she'll beat them to a pulp.

Her true impulses are repressed by the red cords wound around her body, suppressing her emotions, but without them she is a fiercely expressive and wrathful woman who would fight to protect her friends and defend what's important to them without hesitation.

3 Arataki: He's Allergic To Beans

He's your buddy, your dude, your bro; with a heart of gold. The leader of the 'illustrious' Arataki Gang of Hanamizaka loves Onikabuto fights, running around with kids, and generally hanging out in the bustling streets of the city. He's largely unemployed and a bit of a hazard to the Tenryou Commission who want to see his shenanigans put to an end.

He'll bicker with the rule-abiding, Kujou Sara, greet you with loud enthusiasm, and encourage his gang with boisterous gusto. Is there anyone else who'd volunteer for the sake of out-volunteering you and holler off the side of a cliff to relieve stress? If there's a ruckus to be found in the midst of Hanamizaka, you can bet he's somewhere around.

2 Xiangling: The Firey Chef

There's little that can quench the fires burning in Xiangling's heart when it comes to cooking. Many-an-explosion and plenty of destroyed woks in the kitchen have paved the way for her passions.

The daughter of the famed Wanmin Restaurant owner, a chef with almost no equal, she has dedicated herself to honing the craft with the teachings of her father. If there's a competition or philosophy to prove through food, she'll be there, fired-up. Nothing gets her more riled-up than those who question cuisine and its principles.

1 Raiden Shogun: Ei's Puppet

She evaporated La Signora in an instant. That was pretty much enough to strike a chord of bamboozled bewilderment and fear in us all. Raiden Ei, herself, is thoughtful and observant; seeking what's best for the nation she presides over.

The puppet she created to act the role of Shogun, on the other hand, has a tendency to eliminate threats – ruthlessly – without hesitation with a personality far more curt, direct, and without room for flexibility. There's certainly no bargaining with her. If you make a promise or swear an oath, she'll expect you to stick to it or face the consequences.

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