GameStop Explains How It's Handling Pre-Orders During Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has already caused game delays such as The Last of Us Part 2 and it’s possible more will follow, but GameStop is still accepting pre-orders on upcoming titles. The retailer has now announced new procedures it has in place for customers picking up their games.

For areas where GameStop stores are still open, you can pick up your pre-ordered games on launch day using the [email protected] service, which has an employee meet you at the door and hand you your game. The only options for paying off these orders are chipped credit cards and GameStop gift cards.

At closed GameStop stores, you’ll have the option to get the game shipped, and GameStop is sending out emails with instructions. If you only put a small deposit on the game, you will have the option to get a virtual gift card with that same amount so you can order the game online.

You can still pre-order upcoming games from GameStop, as well. Online pre-orders can be done through the GameStop website or mobile app and come with either free shipping or a $10 launch day shipping upgrade. The process for pre-ordering a game at an open GameStop is similar to picking up a game with the [email protected] service.

Game publishers have already warned their upcoming games may not arrive on launch day because of the pandemic. Final Fantasy VII Remake is one of them, but it will still be available to download on April 10.

Many GameStop stores have now closed in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, GameStop attempted to classify itself as “essential retail” in order to avoid mandatory closures in certain states, but eventually relented. It expects to permanently close more than 300 stores this year, though this is unrelated to the pandemic.

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