Frozenheim – How To Heal Your Troops

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Frozenheim is a fairly relaxed game – especially early on in your career. Combat exists, but that combat is generally a rather small-scale affair. Maybe it’s just against wolves or bears, maybe it’s against some rowdy bandits. Whatever the case, life is pretty chill in the northern wastes.

From time to time, however, your troops will take a bit of a beating. Snapping jaws and twanging strings will eventually overcome your hardy Norsemen, and it’s up to you to heal them up if you want to make the most of your limited resources. It’s not immediately obvious how to fix up your battered units, but we’ve got it covered.

How To Heal Your Units

Each of your units is composed of individual soldiers. Your unit's health bar is the combined health of all of your soldiers, however, each soldier also has their own health. As your guys take damage from enemy units, your bar will drop.

Providing nobody dies, you can heal up your units and get them back to full fighting strength. To do so, all you have to do is advance your Jarl’s Homestead to level two. This will unlock a new tier of building.

One of the unlocked buildings is the Healer’s Hut. This building has a fairly small radius, but, providing you place units within it, they will heal over time. The speed at which they heal is dependent on how many workers you assign to that building.

This process is completely free, and you can heal as many units as you can fit into the Healer’s Huts area of effect. This is the best way to keep your armies ready for battle. You can even place a healing hut on the borders of your land and use it to provide passive healing when fighting.

Do note that a Healer’s Hut cannot revive dead soldiers – they can only heal the soldiers who are still alive back to full health. A unit that is below starting numbers will remain that way once its healing is done.

How To Replenish Your Units

Even with all of your healing and careful planning, sometimes, soldiers die. They get into one too many scraps and catch a stray arrow, or they can be run through with a spear. It always sucks when it happens, but it is, unfortunately, inevitable.

How you do this is very simple, but the game doesn’t make it immediately obvious. Not only that, but the game has a habit of obfuscating the feature if you haven’t noticed a brief flash when walking past a particular building.

If a soldier dies in combat, and you want to restore that unit to full strength, you need to move towards the Training Hall. Positioning is very important here as you need to be fairly close to the entrance to the Training Hall. Don’t stand too close, however, as you will not be able to replenish. This also applies to standing too far away. It’s a tad finicky at first.

Once you have sussed the correct range, all you have to do is click on your unit. On their Battle Ability bar, you will find an ability called Refill Team. This will allow you to instantly replenish any missing soldiers.

Be warned that this does not heal your unit at all. The reinforcements will be at full health, but the original members of the unit will still need to be healed at the Healer’s Hut if you want them to be at full strength.

The Cost Of Replenishing Your Units

Unlike healing, replenishing your units is not free – it’s fairly expensive. You will need to pay the resource cost of that specific soldier. So, for example, if you are trying to add one Axeman to your depleted squad. This will cost you a fifth of that unit's original purchasing cost.

This is, of course, better than going and rebuilding the unit from scratch, but just be aware that these costs do add up over time, and resources can get very tight in Frozenheim.

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