Fortnite: Street Fighter's Blanka And Sakura Hit The Item Shop This Week

If you’re looking to add more of the Street Fighter roster to your Fortnite Outfit collection, tomorrow is your chance. That’s because popular fighters Blanka and Sakura hit the Fortnite Item Shop at 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 28. 

Announced by Epic Games in a new blog post, World Warriors Blanka and Sakura hit the battle royale to celebrate 35 years of Street Fighter and as is usual with new additions to Fortnite, both characters will come with an Outfit and matching accessories to round out the skin. Plus, the Blanka & Sakura Cup, which will begin as a mobile-only Zero Build Solo Cup starting today before becoming an all-platforms Battle Royale Solo Cup on Thursday, will give top-performing players in different regions the chance to unlock the Bonus Stage Loading Screen. 


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