Final Fantasy VII Remake: How To Get Biker Boy Trophy And Impress Jessie

Cloud Strife on a motorcycle is an iconic image, and Final Fantasy VII Remake pays homage to it with a bike racing sequence. But unlike the days of the original Final Fantasy VII, gamers have this little thing called trophies. Trophy hunting adds a new challenge to modern games, and often requires backtracking to get all collectibles or mastering a certain mini-game. The “Biker Boy” trophy will probably have players doing both of these things.

Before Cloud commits the second Mako reactor bombing, Jessie asks him to undertake a special mission for her. Once players talk to her outside of Cloud’s apartment, they’ll trigger a nighttime raid mission to the upper section of Midgar. The duo, accompanied by Biggs and Wedge, will ride bikes to the upper plate and steal more explosives from Shinra. Thus begins the player’s introduction to FFVII Remake‘s motorcycle mechanics.

Players who finish the whole bike section and keep at least 80% of their health will earn the “Biker Boy” trophy. They’ll also unlock a scene where Jessie praises Cloud’s driving and gives him a cheek kiss as a reward. Dropping below 80% will instead trigger a scene where Jessie teases Cloud about his bad driving.

Taking so little damage is a lot to ask for the first time. Especially as there’s a boss fight at the end, and he shoots hard-hitting attacks with wide range. Players should save before taking Jessie up on her request, and reload if they take too much damage. It might take a few tries to learn enemy patters and avoid most damage, but it’s the only way to get the trophy. And more importantly, the Jessie love.

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