Final Fantasy 16 In Its Final Stretch With Trailer Launching Next Month Says Yoshida

Final Fantasy fans are waiting with breath that is bated for the next entry in the mainline series, with it being very close to six years since Final Fantasy 15 came out. It's been a long wait indeed, but Yoshi-P aka Naoki Yoshida aka the producer of FF16 has allayed fans, saying that development for the game is now in its final stretch.

Yoshida was speaking at the Tokyo Game Show, which is just wrapping up, and we know what he said via translation by reliable Japanese game industry observer, and Tokyo resident, Aitai Kimochi. According to what he said, the VFX is finished, but that so much sound was recorded and made that the sound team got "mad". Interestingly, he also said adjustments have been made for people not fond of action games, which is a curious remark.

But fans won't have long to wait to get a better look at Final Fantasy 16 as the next proper trailer for the game will drop in October. No specific date was mentioned, but it's not long to go until next month arrives.

According to Aitai Kimochi, Naoki Yoshida also mentioned that based on feedback from beta testers, "FF16 is truly a rollercoaster of action and story that once you get on the ride, it goes full throttle and doesn't stop from beginning to end".

Players can expect a more action-orientated game in FF16 as the producer has previously said the title is targeting a younger, modern audience. Therefore, it wouldn't make sense to return to the slower, turn-based combat longtime Final Fantasy players are used to. Yoshida said that modern trends has pushed RPGs towards action-based mechanics rather than the command selection of turn-based combat older Final Fantasy titles made use of.

Final Fantasy 16 is scheduled to launch in summer 2023, while fans can expect a new trailer sometime next month.

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