Final Fantasy 14: Healing Class Tier List

Final Fantasy 14 is packed full of DPS classes, but as of Shadowbringers, there are still only three healers. They’ve each had times to shine and low periods through years of buffs and nerfs, so we’re going to establish the FF14 healing class tier list as of patch 5.4, Futures Rewritten, to help you decide which playstyle is best for you.

Before diving in, it’s important to understand that no healing class is unviable, even in the game’s hardest content. It doesn’t matter if you plan to work your way towards doing Ultimate Raids, Savage Raids, or just dungeons, every healer in FF14 will get the job done. The only important thing to understand is that going into eight-man content, like raids, will mean you need diversity in party composition. So, if you plan on playing with your best friend and you want to go Scholar, but they’re also a Scholar, perhaps choose one of the other two.

#1 – Astrologian

If you’re interested in mastering the undisputed best during Shadowbringers, then go Astrologian – our number one on this tier list. After a rocky launch way back in early Heavensward, Square Enix smoothed out the problems with the last healing class added and they’ve reigned supreme ever since.

Astrologians are so beloved mostly because the class isn’t greedy in the slightest, as they carry raid-wide utility that gives your party big damage buffs in the form of cards. Those cards, if applied right, can result in competitive speed clears of formidable bosses in FF14. Their entire kit revolves around juggling those cards perfectly, healing their allies, and doing individual DPS themselves. This also leaves them in the hardest position of the three, and they’re often regarded as requiring the highest skill to play.

They synergize well with any group, but Astrologians also have the unique ability to swap between two different stances – Diurnal Sect and Nocturnal Sect. Those stances give them the ability to either cast regens or shields with their skills, making them more like a White Mage or Scholar depending on your Sect. You can swap between these stances depending on what role your cohealer is playing, making Astrologians ready to fulfill whatever needs their party may have.

If you’re up for a challenge, and you feel like you can engage in the additional micromanagement Astrologian requires, pick the globe-using healer. Even if they were useless, those neat weapons should earn them the top spot anyway.

#2 – White Mage

The cane-wielding, classic Final Fantasy role has had a rough journey to number two on the list. While they’ve always been viable, FF14 saw long periods of time where White Mage felt a little lost. Now, in Shadowbringers, White Mage is the king of personal healer DPS with intense burst that shames the other two while their regens tick away.

Right now, it doesn’t matter that White Mage has no real utility in the form of buffs like Astrologian’s cards or Scholar’s Chain Strategem, they do so much personal DPS they make up for it. White Mage is straight forward and has no additional components to heavily micromanage like a fairy or cards, but that’s also part of the fun in playing. As a White Mage, think of yourself as a DPS just masquerading around as a healer. They’re a blast in dungeons, where their AOE attack, Holy, stuns and deals massive blows to enemy health that will take them out before your actual DPS party members have the chance.

White Mages rely on regens and a few instant casts to restore HP to their party. Benediction, the best instant, single target heal in the game, can single-handedly save any doomed tank faster than a Scholar or Astrologian. Have a silly Dark Knight about to die from Living Dead? Just cast Bene!

And again, while everything is viable, White Mages are still regarded as one of the more desired of the three classes. They don’t contribute much in terms of buffs, but a good one means they’re cranking out personal DPS that makes up for it. White Mages are the easiest to pick up of the three with straight forward abilities, simple rotations, and minimal extra worries. If you’re interested in jumping into something you can quickly pick up and put down, try White Mage.

#3 – Scholar

Bringing in the rear is FF14’s fairy healer, Scholar. The class certainly isn’t a bad one, they just may not shine quite as easily as they used to. That’s a good thing though! In patches prior, Scholar felt like an end-game must-have for most parties and left others in the dust. It could probably stand a little love, but it’s in a much more fair position now than it has been in over the last few years.

Scholar is one of the two healing classes that launched with FF14. They rely heavily upon their fairies, Eos or Selene depending on your preference, to cast regens and provide additional buffs to healing magic potency. The class is also shield focused, so they don’t have as many regen options at their disposal, and instead cast abilities before boss damage goes out to make sure the party is protected.

There’s also plenty of instant casts at a Scholar’s disposal, and while all three classes do have instant abilities, Scholar’s other gimmick before the others was always relying more heavily on instant-cast (OGCD) healing than the others. Mitigating damage through shields and proper management of their fairy on the field gives Scholar an additional layer of complexity like Astrologian, but still not quite as hard. They also bring a damage buff to fights in the form of Chain Strategem, making them a little more of a team player and less focused on individual DPS.

If you’re not sure about trying something as hard as Astrologian, but feel you may need a little step up from White Mage, Scholar is a great place to begin. Their Fairy isn’t as hard to manage as it was in previous patches, but keeping up with Eos on the field and making sure she’s healing the right people is still important.  They may not be on top, but they’re still an excellent pick and do well in all content.

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