Final Fantasy 10: All Jecht Sphere Locations

While playing Final Fantasy 10, you can discover various memory spheres left behind by Jecht, Auron, and Summoner Braska, offering little memory clips of their own pilgrimage. There are ten spheres to collect in total, eight left by Jecht, one by Auron, and one by Braska. Collecting all of the spheres will earn you the “Messenger from the Past” achievement/trophy.

Additionally, collecting these spheres will unlock new Overdrive attacks for Auron after you collect your first, third, and finally, all ten spheres. We have a complete guide just below on where to find all ten spheres so that you don’t miss out on those sweet Overdrive moves or earning your accolade.

Note: You cannot discover these memory spheres until after you have defeated the Spherimorph in Macalania Woods as part of the storyline. 

Jecht Sphere #1

  • Location: Macalania Woods

You automatically obtain your first sphere after defeating the Spherimorph in Macalania Woods. You’ll receive an introduction to what memory spheres are and see your first clips of Jecht, Auron, and Braska as they started out on their pilgrimage. After this point, all other memory spheres in Spira will now be collectible.

Note: We recommend backtracking after defeating the Spherimorph to revisit areas and grab the memory spheres that have appeared. If you want to wait until you have the airship and travel is a lot easier, it means you’ll need to defeat Dark Valefor in order to get the sphere in Besaid Village. 

Jecht Sphere #2

  • Location: Besaid Village (outside the temple)

This sphere can be found just outside of the Besaid Village Temple, just to the right of the screen.

Note: Remember, returning here after obtaining the airship means having to defeat the Dark Valefor boss first.

Jecht Sphere #3

  • Location: S.S. Liki — Bridge

You can find this sphere on the floor just behind the Captain in the bridge area.

Note: This only appears when traveling between Kilika and Besaid.

Jecht Sphere #4

  • Location: Luca Stadium — Basement A

You can find this memory sphere outside of the Besaid Auroch’s locker room in Basement A, just at the end of the corridor.

Jecht Sphere #5

  • Location: Mi’ihen Highroad — Oldroad

This memory sphere is found in the southern area of the Oldroad section.

Jecht Sphere #6

  • Location: Mushroom Rock Road — Precipice

This sphere can be found near the elevator that leads to the Operation Mi’ihen staging area.

Jecht Sphere #7

  • Location: Moonflow — South Wharf

This memory sphere can easily be spotted on the opposite side of the South Wharf from the Save Sphere.

Jecht Sphere #8

  • Location: Thunder Plains — South

You’ll find this memory sphere beside a lightning rod tower in the southern section of the Thunder Plains.

Jecht Sphere #9

  • Location: Macalania Woods — South

This memory sphere can be found on the path that heads towards the Calm Lands.

Jecht Sphere #10

  • Location: Mt. Gagazet — Mountain Trail

When on the Mountain Trail area of Mt. Gagazet, you can find your final optional sphere hidden in a dead-end near the first grave you come across.

Note: There are two further spheres that you will collect automatically as part of the storyline, Yuna’s and Jyscal’s.

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