FIFA 20 FUT Birthday: Release date latest for PS4 and Xbox One Ultimate Team event

FUT fans on PS4, Xbox One and EA Origin are waiting for the return of the FIFA 20 FUT Birthday event. The FUT Birthday celebration has been going on for years and even with the most recent disruptions, there’s a good chance we will see its return in FIFA 20. The event celebrates the anniversary of the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, which is now in its 11th year.

For now, we have no idea when the FIFA 20 FUT Birthday event will return, although many gamers are expecting an announcement today.

However, There’s a good chance of a delay, following the news that EA Sports are having to change other parts of its Ultimate Team content plans for 2020.

This includes replacing Team of the Week squads with Team of the Moment, due to the lack of football events going on around the world.

“COVID-19 has put the world – and world of football – into a state flux and unease,” a message from EA Sports reads.

“We are keeping close contact with leagues and tournaments as things change, but we’ve received a lot of questions around the impact the global COVID-19 situation has on planned FUT content.

“We wanted to provide some answers where we can with our current plans for FUT as football responds to COVID-19 with a heavily reduced global football calendar.

“Following the suspensions of the Premier League, Bundesliga & Ligue 1 last Friday, in addition to La Liga, Serie A and several other leagues across the world, we have taken the decision to suspend our normal Team of the Week (TOTW) program.

“When thinking about a replacement for TOTW, we wanted to build something that is authentic to football and that is compatible with TOTW if we are able to reintroduce it later in the year. Today, we are introducing the Team of the Week Moments and explaining some changes that you will see in game.

“TOTW Moments will be a recurring program that will be based entirely on a historical TOTW release from past FUT titles. Each squad will be a reflection of a specific TOTW that was released from March onwards in each product year. We want to keep these Items distinct, to help distinguish between authentic performances taking place this season and in previous seasons.”

So there is a chance that FIFA gamers waiting for the FUT Birthday celebrations to kick off will need to wait a little longer for news. This could even mean EA Sports posting notice that there will be no FUT Birthday celebrations this year.

FIFA 19 featured a large FUT Birthday event, which included a FUT Birthday Squad and FUT Anniversary Players.

You can find the information from last year’s FUT 19 Birthday event below, although it’s unclear how much EA Sports plans to change this year’s event:

FUT Birthday Squad

The squad that answers that “what if” question when it comes to positions! Thirty FUT Birthday players will have their position changed, whether they played the position in the past, for their national team or maybe their FUT stats would be better suited to another position. Position is not the only change, they will also get significant ratings boosts that conforms to their new position. 21 FUT birthday players will be released in the pool of packs while the rest will be available through SBCs and Objectives.

FUT Anniversary Players

10 years of FUT has produced more than a few memorable players whose in-game performance earned them special status in the community. Eight of these “FUT Favourites” will be released throughout the event as both SBCs and Objectives, with a Flashback, Premium SBC or FUT Birthday item type.

SBCs & Objectives

A total of 21 players will be available through SBCs during FUT Birthday, including 10 Prime ICON Moments, 5 FUT Birthday players and 6 Anniversary players. Themed Objectives will award a further 6 players,including 4 Birthday and 2 Anniversary players. You will also get daily Puzzle SBCs plus a selection of Upgrade SBCs throughout the event.

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