FaZe Agony Live-Tweets Frightening House Break-In

Twin gaming brothers Kieran and Devin Agony, known together as FaZe Agony, had their house broken into last week, and Devin took to Twitter to live-Tweet the event and its aftermath.

The twins, who live in Ontario, experienced the break-in on Friday night. Devin said on Twitter that he had locked himself into his gaming room after the criminals tried to break down his bedroom door.

Devin’s main concern was for his brother Kieran, especially after he heard a gunshot. In the thread below the first tweet, he says that his brother was thankfully okay. They found empty shotgun shells on the staircase after police cleared the house.

Twitter users called out Devin for what they perceived to be bad judgement on his part: tweeting instead of calling the police. After the ordeal was over, he felt the need to set the record straight.

Devin says that he did not have his cell phone with him, and was stuck in the gaming room. His first act was to go on Discord, and see if anyone would be able to call the police. After finding out that the police were on their way, he made the tweet.

The tweets did not give any information about whether the suspect has been found, or whether anything was stolen during the break-in.

The experience seems to have left Devin terrified, saying that was unable to sleep properly after the break-in.  He says that he’s started sleeping during the day so that he can stay up at night.

Devin also has a renewed appreciation for his family, especially his brother, after spending time convinced that the criminal had shot Kieran.

Since the break-in, the brothers have installed a new security system in their residence, which has apparently helped them feel a lot safer when at home.

In the meantime, the brothers’ Twitter account has shown signs of signs of returning to normal — as much as normalcy can be found on Twitter.

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