Fallout Fans Are Debating The Best Faction In The Series

Exploring the many Wastelands of the Fallout series just wouldn't be the same without the weird and wonderful individuals that reside in them. Some of the most interesting characters you'll come across during your travels are usually part of some kind of faction, whether that be a group as straight-laced as the Brotherhood of Steel, or a relaxed and free-living gang like the Atom Cats.

In fact, there are so many interesting factions out there that nobody can quite agree on which is the best. In steps Redditor smugglemysmurf, who puts the question to the Fallout subreddit, receiving a wide range of responses that proves just how great Fallout is as a series.

There are two factions that seem to be fan favorites, although for much different reasons – the Republic of Dave from Fallout 3 and the Kings from Fallout New Vegas. In case you're unfamiliar with them, the Kings are a group of Elvis impersonators who discovered an impersonation school and believed it to be a place of worship, while the Republic of Dave is a small, tight-knit community that is run by a bloke called Dave.

There are other, not so wacky, factions that also get mentioned, as Redditor sundayatnoon gives some love to the Atom Cats from Fallout 4 due to how realistic they are and their affinity for Power Armor. Another user, CrayonMythos, also gives a shout out to the Followers of the Apocalypse, mostly because of their political leanings and their attempts to educate and inform any Wastelander to try and stop people from repeating the errors of the past.

Those are the more serious answers, although most of the discussion is about how Dave is a truly wonderful leader, while others are simply shouting "Gary" in reference to the Vault full of Gary clones players can stumble across in Fallout 3. However, there can't be a discussion about Fallout factions without one mention of Butch and the gang, so I guess the responsibility falls to me. Tunnel Snakes rule!

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