Fallout 4 Runs At 60fps On Xbox Series S (The Cheap One)

We’re less than a month away from the Xbox Series X and Series S’s arrival, and Microsoft is making the case for you to upgrade. One of the big deals with the new Xboxes is backward compatibility, but not just playing your old games on a new console. Those old games will play better than ever thanks to some enhancements that are now possible through to next-gen tech.

For some games, that just means a straight-up framerate boost. For certain Xbox One titles, frame rates will go from 30fps to 60fps, with Fallout 4 being the specific game mentioned. Not only that, the frame rate boost is coming just from the better hardware, with “no boost mode, no downlocking” necessary.

Oh, and that enhanced framerate comes on the Xbox Series S, not the X.

Another big feature that Microsoft is toting for its next-gen consoles is auto-HDR. We’ve gone over this in a few recent articles, but it basically enhances the color and brightness of old games automatically–sometimes going up to 1,000 nits (a unit of luminosity). As the name implies, auto-HDR will work on all backward compatible games and is on by default, but Microsoft will disable it for select titles when they think that auto-HDR actually harms the game rather than helps it.

The final big draw for Xbox Series X/S backward compatibility is enhanced graphics. Old Xbox and Xbox 360 titles that used to display at 420p or 720p will get their resolutions boosted to 4K on the Xbox Series X and 1440p on the Series S. This is all done via the “Heutchy method,” which also allows for improved texture filtering and better anisotropic filtering up to 16x.

Everyone who already has a digital library on Xbox One will be happy to see it transferred over to their Xbox Series X/S when they unbox their new console on November 10. All you have to do is download, install, and see the benefits of a new generation on your old game library.

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