Fallout 4: Iconic Quotes From Each Companion

"War. War never changes." Every fan knows the line. The legendary Ron Perlman has voiced it with impeccable cynicism in every installment. It's handily the most popular quote in the Fallout series, as recognizable to casual video game audiences as Darth Vader's helmet is for occasional moviegoers.

But what about all those other quotes? You know, from the characters who inhabit the harsh world of Fallout, not the narrator who views that world with contempt from afar? Several entries are chock-full of great one-liners, including the eclectic cast of companions in 2015's

Let's leave the honorable Mr. Perlman hanging for a bit and explore these Bostonian zingers in greater detail.

16 Cait

"You can imagine the look on me parents' faces when I kicked down their door. What you can't imagine is what they looked like after… after I emptied me gun into them."

If there's an award for the toughest domestic upbringing in Fallout 4, Cait's not just the winner – the trophy's probably shaped like her blood-soaked baseball bat. A tortured childhood gave way to slavery when she turned 18. Five terrible years later, Cait bought her freedom and showed her parents how she felt about them with a few unkind words and a full clip of ammunition.

Don't let this quote's rather specific nature trick you into overlooking it. In just two sentences, Cait shows players just how far she'll go for the right cause. Especially if that cause leaves a few bodies behind.

15 Nick Valentine

"Beep. Beep. Beep."

A veritable wellspring of one-liners even among Fallout 4's premium pickings, Nick Valentine's a synth and a special detective making a fine enough living in Diamond City prior to the events of the game. But go further back than that – much, much further – and the original Nick Valentine whose personality is embedded upon this wise-cracking synth clearly had a sense of humor all his own.

Not long after showing up in Diamond City, Nick earned the townsfolk's trust by saving the mayor's daughter from kidnappers. His approach to the problem? Audibly "beeping" out loud to back up his false claim that he had a bomb inside him. Amazingly, it worked. This is exactly the kind of out-of-the-box synthetic thinking that makes Nick such a charmer.

14 Piper Wright

"I wonder if this is normal for other journalists…"

"You can't stop the press," Piper says in another of her famous quips, but it's the line we've chosen that best exemplifies her occasional realization that risking life and limb to run headlong into danger isn't standard-issue news crew protocol.

So busy sleuthing out the biggest secrets in Boston that she earns the ire of all Diamond City for accusing the mayor of being a synth, Piper will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of a case.

13 Preston Garvey

"Another settlement needs our help."

Look, we realize the quote's quite possibly Fallout 4's biggest meme. Preston constantly reaching out to the player with this line, which triggers when a new radiant (random) quest involving the Minutemen pops up, has led to the lawful good pseudo-sheriff becoming one of the more hated characters in Bethesda's vast canon.

But that doesn't stop the quote from perfectly summarizing Preston's attention to the call of duty. Synths and robots are real steel, but when it comes to defending settlements, this man Preston Harvey is a flesh-and-blood machine.

12 Danse

"In the span of a few hours, my identity was ripped from me and my world turned upside-down."

Ah, Paladin Danse. So devoted to the Brotherhood of Steel. So committed to its cause. So utterly ruthless toward ghouls, synths, and super mutants. Such a rigorous and disciplined life you lead… until you happen to learn that one of those three groups totally has your name on it.

Plenty of players abhor the Brotherhood of Steel. Some among their ranks will never reconcile the seething animosity toward non-humans you display before your little revelation with the confused man you become thereafter. But wherever you land on one of Fallout 4's biggest twists, one thing's for sure: the day Danse discovers he's a synth is the most important day of his life.

11 Codsworth

"The past, the present, and the future walked into a bar. It was tense."

Codsworth gets left behind when the Sole Survivor and their ill-fated family members rush off to the local Vault. Being a household robot servant of unparalleled commitment, he spends the following 210 years tidying up around what little is left of their town, convincing himself nothing is terribly out of the ordinary about the ordeal and that things will right themselves in due time.

That's really all that needs to be said about this butler among butlers, except, of course, for the fact that his cheesy joke game is positively aces.

10 John Hancock

"No one in power should be comfortable for too long."

Long before he assumed the identity of one of America's Founding Fathers, John McDonough lived in Diamond City with his elder brother. When the elder McDonough assumed leadership as the city's mayor, his anti-ghoul policies made John and his ghoul ilk uncomfortable enough to leave Diamond City behind forever.

Hancock's tales of what happened thereafter are well worth listening to firsthand, but when fate conspires to have him follow in his brother's footsteps by becoming mayor of another settlement, it's his willingness to leave his powerful role behind that shows the man's true colors. For John Hancock, it's not about that power. It's about the good that can be done when it's available and the good that can be done elsewhere when it's given away.

9 Robert MacCready

"Walk a hundred miles if I knew there were a pile of caps waiting for me at the end."

Robert MacCready would, in fact, walk over 439 miles for caps if necessary. We know this to be true because an adolescent MacCready leads the kids-only settlement of Little Lamplight in Fallout 3, exits the place as is the custom upon turning 16, and eventually fathers a son.

When that son's health goes haywire, young MacCready schleps all the way from the Capital Wasteland to the Commonwealth in search for a cure – and the caps to sustain himself in the meantime.

8 Strong

"Strong hope we find milk of human kindness soon."

Strong isn't what you would call a complex soul. He says what's on his mind and shoots things often and loudly. But Strong's mentor, a human named Rex Goodman, teaches him about Shakespearean plays such as Macbeth. And this, of all things, comes to define Strong's life.

Being a smart sort of super mutant, Strong finds value in Goodman's teachings and enjoys Macbeth a great deal. Being a super mutant, he doesn't quite grasp the particulars, believing the line about "the milk of human kindness" to be a literal elixir he must quest to discover. The whole thing's a farce you'll only find in Fallout, a signature stroke of cleverness that helps define the franchise's trademark irreverence.

7 Deacon

"My job in the Railroad is intel. That job's easier if no one knows who I am. So I lied. I do that."

Yeah, that hits the mark. Deacon is a man of mystery, a prominent member of the Railroad with a past he's more than willing to share. Provided, that is, that the listener is willing to accept the likelihood that Deacon is lying. At which point, one must inevitably wonder, what's the point in even asking? And that is undoubtedly precisely how Deacon likes it.

What we know for sure about Deacon is that he's a top-class Railroad associate who is entrusted with some of the most important jobs the synth-freeing faction has on tap. That's enough to have him by our side in any potential clashes with the Institute, even if we can't say with any real certainty he isn't pretending to be right-handed just because he can.

6 Curie

"That is curious. Are not boats supposed to be in the water?"

Every Fallout 4 companion has a remark to make when the player character chances upon the bizarre sight of a certain naval vessel wedged into the side of a building and thus very much not in the water.

Curie's reaction may seem perfectly perfunctory, but it's the way in which this centuries-old philosophically-inclined robot delivers it that speaks volumes. She says it herself; she's genuinely curious. This is something that most people would instantly decry as ridiculous. Not so our wonderful Curie, who probably needed confirmation that the U.S.S. Constitution should not, in fact, be stuck halfway inside a loan office.

5 Dogmeat


Dogmeat is a dog. What exactly were you hoping to find here, last night's winning lotto numbers?

4 X6-88

"I know that you haven't had much time with him, but I can tell you honestly, [sir or ma'am], Father is a great man."

A synth courser serving the Institute, X6-88 serves an important narrative purpose as well. By demonstrating that synths like X6 exist to do the Institute's bidding hunting through down rogue synths, the latent complexities of this highly morally questionable organization further multiply. The Fallout fandom sure does have opinions on how the Institute storyline is handled in Fallout 4, but props to the writers regardless for making things a bit ethically murky.

X6-88 is absolutely committed to those whose scientific whims he services that you'll kind of have to be of a similar mind if you ever want him traveling the Commonwealth he so detests alongside you.

3 Old Longfellow

"Don't you worry, if I see you turnin' into a ghoul, I'll put a bullet in you quick."

Old Longfellow is just one of the many companions who will dish out a unique comment during and after battling feral ghouls alongside the player character. But this tough old man's no-nonsense outlook on life is neatly summarized in a pragmatic nutshell with this one simple line.

Longfellow's lived as long as he has on a foundation of personal experience, physical fortitude, and the smarts to know when to call it quits. It's nice to know he's "got our back" if things go south.

2 Porter Gage

"You'd be surprised. The bleeding hearts can't say no, and the greedy assholes out there can't resist the temptation of getting rich."

Fallout 4's potential allies come in several moral shades. None among them are so quite so darkly-aligned as Gage, a fitting fact considering he's only available through the evil-leaning Nuka-World expansion.

While he doesn't seem completely wicked, Gage is clearly willing to steep fairly low to achieve his aims. He's been hardened by a life filled with literal and figurative backstabbing, and his quips on the Commonwealth tend toward the dismissive if not outright nihilistic.

1 Ada

"Using a keyboard. How quaint."

Ada is exclusive to the Automatron DLC. A heavily-modified Assaultron robot created by a now-deceased merchant named Jackson, Ada's personality is fairly limited and the bulk of her lines are direct lifts from pop culture quotes. As such, there was both an embarrassment of riches to choose from and a dearth – so many good ones, but do any of them truly define Ada herself?

Probably not, but this particular line, famously spoken by Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home at least lampshades the absurdity of a mechanical invention scrutinizing a mechanical invention.

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