Fall Guys: How To Win Every New Survival Level

Survival levels are renowned in Fall Guys for being challenging. Season 4 adds two new survival levels: Hoverboard Heroes and Big Shots. Although these are not as difficult as the notorious Slime Climb, you could still easily end up eliminated if you don’t know the best tips and strategies. Here’s everything you need to know to survive Hoverboard Heroes and Big Shots in Fall Guys Season 4.

These new survival levels are two of the seven new levels in Fall Guys 4041. Look at our tips for the new race and team levels to make sure you can get lots of crowns this season.

Hoverboard Heroes Walkthrough

This level has a moving platform that you must ride throughout the course. The aim is simply to stay on or with it, avoiding the obstacles that will send you into the slime below and out of the game.

The Hoverboard is fairly large, but there are lots of obstacles along the way that can knock you off. These can be hard to avoid, especially when there are loads of Fall Guys on the platform at the beginning. Here’s what you need to look out for.

Laser Beams

The first obstacle is a small maze of moving purple laser beams. These will send you flying if you touch them, so you need to either run under or dive over.

  • There isn’t much time to find a pattern, so take any opening you get.

Three Cannons

Once you have passed the laser beams, you must avoid the barrage of obstacles being launched in your direction.

  • Three cannons to the right of the Hoverboard will be firing planets, controllers, stars, and magnets at the group of Fall Guys.

The planets are the largest and the hardest to avoid, but being hit by any of them would probably send you into the slime below.

Platform Dash

After the cannons, the Hoverboard approaches a raised platform. If you stay stood on the Hoverboard, it will knock you off. Instead, climb up on top of the platform and make your way up the slope.

  • Your aim in this section is to get through the obstacles as fast as you can and meet the Hoverboard as it comes out on the other side.

At the top of the slope, there is a pair of conveyor belts moving in opposite directions with a laser over them. Make sure you are running against the direction of the conveyor belts as you pass under or over the laser. Otherwise, you’ll be carried away and thrown into the slime.

Continue forward and wait for the Hoverboard to pass underneath the section so that you can get back on. Watch out for the slime slide, as it will send rushing players plummeting into the pool of slime below.


Once you are back on the Hoverboard, it will be rapidly approaching an anti-gravity section. You must jump up again, this time onto the platform in the blue anti-gravity cube.

  • The anti-gravity area will allow you to jump higher and further, so you can leap upwards onto the next platform.

A moving purple laser will block your way to the next platform. Wait for it to start moving down, and then jump high and float down to the next platform. Keep going until you reach the highest point.

At the top, there are two lasers that will move to block you. Wait for them to open up and jump through. Then, wait for the Hoverboard to pass below again and fall down to land on it.

Finish Line

The Hoverboard will float towards your final obstacles: swinging lasers blocking some pinball launchers.

  • The swings are easy to weave through and avoid, so rush ahead and try to get through the little gap in the middle of the launchers.

Then simply wait for the flippers to throw you into the finish line, and you will qualify from this level.

Big Shots Walkthrough

When Big Shots begins, you will be on a seesaw. When the horn sounds, objects will start being launched at you by three giant cannons. This is similar to the cannon section in Hoverboard Heroes, but instead of surviving whilst you float past, in Big Shots you are trapped on a seesaw.

You need to avoid being hit by objects, whilst also making sure you don’t stay on one side of the seesaw for too long and slide down into the slime.

A Strategy To Survive

The planets are the hardest objects to avoid, as they are very wide and will bounce you very far if they touch you. However, all the objects will probably send you into the slime upon impact, so stay moving at all times.

  • Always stay around the middle of the seesaw.

Never move near the edges, as they can actually become slightly submerged in the slime and eliminate you.

  • The cannons usually fire one at a time.

Focus on this pattern so that you know roughly where the next object will be fired. The direction of the objects might slightly vary rather than firing in a straight line, but generally, they are predictable.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Although you are being bombarded by these large objects and are surrounded by other panicked players, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Keep an eye on your Fall Guy so you don’t wander too far to one side of the seesaw amidst the chaos and end up falling to your doom without even being hit by an object.

Since this level usually comes towards the end of a show (in the third or fourth round generally), there won’t be many eliminations before it ends. This means that you shouldn’t have to survive long, and it could be over very quickly. Survive for about a minute and you should qualify from this level.

With those tips, you will be able to survive the two new levels in Fall Guys Season 4. With all that extra Kudos, take a look at some of the best costumes you can buy in the store. If you are jumping into the new Squads mode, make sure you know everything about the new Crown Shards currency.

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