Fall Guys Giving Away Twinklycorn Skin As An Apology For Cheaters

And yes, it’s still rare if everyone has one. “All unicorns are rare.”

With Fall Guys’ popularity skyrocketing ever since it’s release back in August, a growing problem has emerged. Cheaters were becoming increasingly common with each Fall Guys games more “bad beans” resorted to cheating in order to achieve those coveted crowns. Cheats would range from player beans flying through the air to teleporting straight to the end of the map, but regardless of how they cheated, it was a bad time for everyone else.

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic noted the problem earlier in the month and began devising solutions shortly after the game’s release. Their first idea was to not ban cheaters outright but to instead tag them so they could be studied like some weird nature documentary, only instead of cute animals it’s a show full of horrible people. Tagged players would all wind up on “cheater island” and only play against other cheaters–if they played at all. This allowed Mediatonic to see what cheats were out there and study the best ways to stop them.

Turns out that the best method was to use the same sort of anti-cheat software “as used by games such as Fortnite.” Since then, over 2,000 cheaters have been banned, with more on the way.

And in appreciation for everyone’s patience, Mediatonic is giving every non-cheater a free unicorn costume.

Called the Twinklycorn, it’s “an U L T R A rare alternate version of the Unicorn” costume that’s already available in-game. And it will apparently remain rare despite the fact everyone is getting one.

Expect your fancy unicorn skin to arrive in the coming weeks.

In other news, Fall Guys’ mid-season 2 update arrived a week ago about brought the addition of the Big Yeetus, a giant spinning hammer that can randomly spawn on certain maps. This hammer can either propel players directly to the finish line or push them all the way back to the start. It’s just another challenging element as Mediatonic works to ensure every player has a chance to win even when they’re up against Fall Guys veterans.

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