Exclusive New Fracked Gameplay Debuts Base Jumping

Enjoyed last week’s surprise Fracked demo? We’ve got five minutes of exclusive gameplay to hold you over just a bit longer.

This new footage debuts a new section of the upcoming PSVR exclusive shooter, including some brand new features. For example, the clip starts with a new weapon – a more powerful pistol with a laser sight that seems to be temporary in use. Once you’ve used up all your ammo, the gun disappears. That could help instil a little strategy to the game’s firefights.

There’s also moving cover – at one point the player grabs onto a moving mine cart for safe passage through the environment. It’ll be interesting to see how much of a focus this gets as the game’s campaign progresses.

Fracked launches on PSVR on August 20. We’ve got more coverage of the game from our month of Upload Access coverage, with just a bit more to come before the end of the week!

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