Every Class In Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, Ranked

The eight classes in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters are incredibly varied and diverse. Each one is capable of displaying incredible feats of Daemonslaying, and each one can be built in many interesting ways. What’s more, when used together in a Squad, they can synergize to make some truly devastating combinations.

But not all classes are created equal, and when there are decisions to be made, such as Squad Composition, it’s natural to want to know which classes are simply the best. No class in Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is bad, but some classes are simply less back than the others.

8 Purifier

The Purifier is a Knight who loves to burn things. Whether it be enemies, the environment, enemies, or yes, enemies, no other class can do it quite as effectively. This makes the Purifier good at killing large swarms of enemies in tight combat arenas.

Here lies the problem, unfortunately. Not all missions or levels are tight combat arenas with large swarms of enemies. They are probably the least common and typically appear in the early game. Since Purifiers are not unlocked until later into the game, their time to shine has mostly passed.

7 Purgator

The Purgator is similar to the Purifier in the sense that they love to shoot things from a distance. Heck, they can even use the same weapons in combat if you wanted. What makes the Purgator stand out, however, is his ability to use non-flame weapons more effectively.

The Purgator is a heavy-weapon specialist who just loves to sit back and unleash copious amounts of damage from a distance. They can even ignore armor, allowing them to scale into the late game. Throw in some very powerful utility abilities, and they can be slotted into just about any squad. The only downside? They are very slow and their DPS drops off a cliff if you move or have to reload.

6 Librarian

The Librarian might be the third lowest class on this list, but he is not to be underestimated. The Librarian can fill just about any role thanks to his diverse kit. He shines at dealing with large groups of enemies and mobility, however.

The Librarian comes with the incredibly powerful Gate Of Infinity ability that allows you to teleport your entire squad across large portions of the map. The utility this brings is truly staggering, and when you throw in other attacks, like Psychic Scream or Vortex Of Doom, it’s clear the Librarian is worth a look.

The only downside to the Librarian is his low HP and the existence of the Gate Of Infinity Stratagem, which allows you to use the Librarian’s best ability without having to bring an actual Librarian.

5 Chaplain

The Chaplain is the Jack-Of-All-Trades of Support classes. This guy can buff just about anything, making him very versatile. Not only that, but his unique abilities, Litanies, are global and affect all Knights. They only need to be cast once and then they last for an entire mission too.

The Chaplain can help make certain builds ludicrously powerful. So much so, that it becomes almost impossible to lose due to the sheer amount of CP the Chaplain can help generate. Even outside of the squad, the Chaplain is more than capable of providing aid elsewhere, such as buffing Critical hits. Just be aware that a Chaplain can only have one Litany active at any one time.

4 Apothecary

Another Support character, and arguably one of the best. The Apothecary has a unique ability line known as Biomancy. He has access to three Biomancies, and two of them can shatter the game's internal balance if used correctly. These are Warp Speed and Iron Arm.

Warp Speed makes one Knight fast, and massively increases his Crit Damage. Iron Arm on the other hand increases a Knights Stun stat, which is something that can break the game if focused on. Add to this powerful healing and access to more Servo Skulls, and the Apothecary is a solid character all around.

3 Paladin

Of all the melee characters, the Paladin is the beefiest, and possibly the best depending on your squad load out. The Paladin is a brutally effective Stun character who only needs to be level one to reach ludicrous levels of power. He has a great kit, but he does peak the moment you unlock his Stun upgrade.

The Paladin, with the right weapons and buffs, can stun 90 percent of the enemy roster in a single swing. This opens up the Execute ability, which grants every Knight +1AP. If combined with a Chaplain, then the Executing Knight gains even more AP. You can chain Executions that generate enough AP to have four turns worth of actions in a single turn.

The only downside? Enemies who can’t be stunned, are basically immune to the Paladin as he lacks in most other areas.

2 Interceptor

The Interceptor is your fast-moving, high damage, melee DPS. He has access to a personal Teleporter that allows him to zip around the battlefield faster than any other class. He has a secondary teleport that makes him even faster. If you want something dead, then the Interceptor can make sure it dies, no matter where it is.

The Interceptor is the master of landing Critical Hits and has an entire tree dedicated to increasing his chances. Throw on a decent weapon, buff him with the likes of Warp Speed, and watch him mince enemies – entire hordes even – all by himself. He can even kill bosses in a single round of combat, he’s that good.

1 Justicar

How do you follow up on the Interceptor and Paladin? Those guys are bafflingly powerful in their respective builds. Surely nothing can top that? Enter the Justicar – the best class in the entire game, second to none.

What makes the Justicar so good is his ability to give any ally +3AP for the low, low cost of 1AP. This AP boost doubles the number of actions a Knight can take, and this can skyrocket the likes of an Interceptor or Paladin into new levels of broken.

You could even bring four Justicars, and have each Justicar buff a different Justicar. Suddenly, you have a team with way more activations than they should have. How about three Justicars and a single Interceptor? It works, and it works way too well.

The Justicar makes builds. That’s it. Any build is made better when a Justicar is there to buff AP. Heck, he’s even a decent melee fighter, with access to Terminator Armor and Hammerhand. You should never leave home without one – they are too good.

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