Even Xbox is telling you to get the Covid-19 vaccine

Microsoft is using the Xbox social media accounts to promote getting vaccinated and dispelling myths surrounding it.

There are already plenty of people urging others to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, be they doctors, celebrities, or those who unfortunately caught it. And now even Microsoft is pushing it through the Xbox social media channels.

Recently, the official Xbox Twitter account posted ‘The power of play makes us heroes in new worlds every day. You can be a hero in real life too by getting vaccinated against Covid-19, protecting yourself & the people around you.’

The message included a link to the Xbox Twitch account, where it held a Q&A with the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), the national public health agency of the United States.

Since not everyone may be compelled to watch an hour long stream of people explaining why it’s important to get jabbed, Xbox has compiled a thread of the most important takeaways, like how unvaccinated people are more at risk of contracting the virus and how to get vaccinated.

It also makes a point of dispelling common myths about the vaccine, like how it secretly contains microchips or the coronavirus itself. And while the thread is geared towards an American audience, most of the information it shares can be applied everywhere else.

To dispel some common COVID-19 vaccine myths: the vaccines don’t contain microchips or magnets, they don’t alter your DNA, they don’t give you COVID-19, and there is no evidence they have any impact on pregnancy or fertility. https://t.co/Kh2rg1tt5t

It ends the thread with a recommendation that, aside from getting vaccinated, you should also wear a mask to maximise protection against the virus and the Delta variant. What’s more, you can donate any Microsoft Reward Points you have to the CDC to help fund its research.

16.5 million people follow the Xbox account, so it makes sense for the company to use its wide reach to inform and educate people. And although the idea of people finally agreeing to getting vaccinated because a video game company told them to sounds ridiculous, it ultimately doesn’t matter what their reason is so long as they get it.

At the time of writing, the Xbox UK Twitter account has yet to put together something similar. Although the US account boasts a far bigger follower base so perhaps it doesn’t necessarily need to.

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