Even The Chatterbox-FM Logo In GTA Definitive Edition Is Wrong

GTA Definitive Edition has been under fire since its launch due to a whole host of problems whether they're game-breaking bugs or visual hiccups. A nut got turned into a smooth circle, but that isn't the end of it. Even Chatterbox-FM's logo has a mistake.

There's one slight difference to the original logo. There's a typo. Instead of Chatterbox-FM, the logo says Chatterrox-FM. Many have flocked to comment that this looks like another AI-upscale gone wrong, not checked before launch, as there have been plenty of other typos spotted throughout the game. Most are store signs.

But Ash, who highlighted this mistake on Twitter, fixed the logo, saying that it took "less than two minutes". Other typos include the Deli & Pizza sign saying Sops instead of Soups, air guitars changed to Ar Guitars, and body kits fitten instead of fitted. You can see Chatterbox-FM's bungled logo below.

The original had more colour with green text and a green bottom, as well as a more defined disembodied smile. It was also spelt right. But it isn't a music station – not like all the others. It's a talk show hosted by Lazlow who takes in a bunch of callers. He even held interviews. It was groundbreaking for the GTA series because, prior to that, radios had been on a slow-moving climb to reach their real-world counterparts.

Originally, it was all licensed music, then DJs were tossed into the mix with commentary, making it feel more like radio than a Spotify playlist. GTA 3 completed that growth with Chatterbox, recording an hour-long talk show with Lazlow Jones. He's real, by the way, but for GTA, he hammed up his personality.

Hell, the first caller Lazlow gets in-game is his dad, ranting about pigeons and squirrels. That's because Chatterbox rarely pulled from real news as it would become dated quickly, so it focused on these intriguing characters who would make your drive through Liberty City that much less lonely.

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