Escape From Tarkov Gets A New Trailer Showing Off The Streets Of Tarkov

A new trailer for Escape From Tarkov’s brand new area, Streets of Tarkov, has been revealed during the Summer Game Fest.

As fans of Escape From Tarkov may already know, a new area called Streets of Tarkov is currently under development and has just received a brand new gameplay trailer showing off some of the environments. While there have been teasers for the area before, this new trailer shows off Concordia, a business class residential complex consisting of two massive buildings located between Razvedchikov and Kamchatskaya streets.

Unfortunately, this new trailer does not bring with it a confirmed release date for the new area but is still due to launch at some point in 2021. According to the developers, the reason why there has been such a wait for the new map is that the developer has had to delay development due to the pandemic.

For those who haven’t heard of Escape From Tarkov, the game has been described as a mix between a realistic, hardcore shooter and a survival game, with a sprinkling of MMO elements. The full game launched back in July 2017 but has maintained a steady fanbase due to dedicated developer support.

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