Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansions adds on-foot combat and exploration


After years avoiding direct comparisons Elite Dangerous is looking to take on Star Citizen head-on, with a major new expansion.

Space-based MMO Elite Dangerous is five years old now, but as you’d expect of any long-running game it’s changed almost out of all recognition in that time.

What at first was a fairly bare bones space trader is now a complex simulation that lets you live out all your sci-fi related fantasies… assuming they take place purely in a spaceship that is.

Elite Dangerous does allow for planetary exploration in rovers but the new Odyssey expansion is going to let you explore planets on foot and engage in gunfights, trade, and diplomacy.

Frontier are promising ‘a wide variety of missions’ ranging from ‘diplomacy and commerce to lethal stealth and all-out combat’. That makes it sound like a cross between Mass Effect and Star Citizen, which wouldn’t be a bad thing at all.

They’re also promising that ‘diverse settings, objectives, and NPCs will offer endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content to enjoy’, which sounds like some amount of random generation must be involved.

Odyssey will also introduce new social hub areas to meet up with fellow players, organise into teams, and upgrade your weapons and gear. So add a dash of Destiny to the mix and it’s all sounding pretty substantial.

Oddly, developer Frontier hasn’t made it clear yet whether Odyssey is going to be free or paid-for but since it’s not out until next year there’s plenty of time to announce that.

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