Elden Ring’s Brazillian Localisation Is Missing A Lot Of Info

Elden Ring has been on the market for two weeks now and the many people obsessed with everything The Lands Between has to offer are far from done with it. That's unless you're the speedrunner who has already managed to shave their time down to less than an hour. That's right, someone has already managed to complete Elden Ring in less than 60 minutes, thus beginning what will likely be years of Souls fans doing impressive and often downright weird things in and with the game.

While there has been plenty of discourse about the right way to play Elden Ring, and whether Souls games should be more accessible and approachable, there has very little bad said about the game itself. That might well be because most of you reading this are playing the game in English. Turns out if you've got the version of Elden Ring translated for Brazilian players, you've been unknowingly missing out on a lot of what the game has to offer.

PicossauroRex took to Reddit this week and revealed the Brazilian translations of Elden Ring's item descriptions are incredibly basic, and in some instances missing key information. The Brazilian player didn't realize there was a problem until perusing Elden Ring's subreddit. A post featuring a screenshot of Blaidd's Armor highlighted an easter egg from Disney's Frozen for those who might have missed it. That easter egg simply isn't there in Brazil's Portuguese translation.

This sent PicossauroRex down a rabbit hole in which they discovered Blaidd's Armor is not an isolated incident. The Portuguese translations of Elden Ring's item descriptions are incredibly basic when compared to the English versions. The Brazilian player found so many examples that they couldn't fit them into a single Reddit post. You don't even need to be able to speak Portuguese to see the issue. The side-by-side comparisons show the English descriptions to be two or three paragraphs long, whereas the ones in the Brazilian game are rarely more than a sentence.

There are a number of theories as to why this might be. The OP highlights the translations themselves aren't bad, they're just incredibly limited. One theory is that the team in charge of adding translations to the Brazilian version of Elden Ring was pressed for time so simplified them. Another outlines that this task is usually handled by another provider and that quality control can often be an issue.

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