Elden Ring: Volcano Manor Legacy Dungeon Guide

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Volcano Manor is run by an evil, cult-like group of people in Elden Ring. Your great journey to follow grace and restore order can be challenged here, should you choose to join the other side. This manor is actually another large Legacy Dungeon, found within Atlus Plateau.

Getting inside the dungeon itself can be pretty tricky. The leaders of Volcano Manor would rather outsiders didn't accidentally wander inside, and encounter the terrors they hide behind the walls. This dungeon contains two bosses, one of them being a shardbearer, and there are two ways to get inside.

How To Reach The Volcano Manor Dungeon

Volcano Manor is tucked away within Mt Gelmir. You'll have to make a long hike through the mountains to reach it — head past Ford Laiedd, drop down from the Hermit Village, climb up the northern mountain, then drop down from the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast.

The regular way to gain access to the dungeon is by agreeing to join forces with Tanith and kill your kind. She's the NPC sitting on the throne, and she will ask you to join the dark side. Once you agree, you'll receive a Drawing-Room Key, that will give you access to previously locked doors within the manor.

A secret, special way to enter the dungeon without joining the evil group lies within Raya Lucaria Academy. By purposefully getting snatched up by an Abductor Virgin in the depths of the Academy, you'll be teleported to the very center of the Volcano Manor dungeon. If you're not prepared and leveled up, it's best to wait before diving straight in like this.

To find the Abductor Virgin, you must use the platform wheel that slowly spins just before the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. Ride the platform to the very bottom, where you'll notice purple crystals, and the Abductor Virgin will be waiting. When she performs her move that grabs and imprisons you, she must kill you. If you don't die from it, you won't be teleported. Because of this, you have to make sure she kills you the right way, and manage how much health she's taking with each hit. You'll respawn inside the dungeon if you're successful — skip to the Abductor Virgin Teleport and The Lava Depths section of this article if so.

Back Room Cells

With the Drawing-Room Key, make sure to open every door you can. One room to the left will contain NPCs for individual quests, while the very first door to the right is the key to entering the dungeon. There is an invisible wall inside this room, so roll or attack the right corner wall. This will lead you to the backroom cells, and eventually the dungeon.

It's pretty dark here. Using a lantern is recommended.

You'll bump into a snail, and then move into a dark room with three other snails. In this room, there are two ways to go; up some stairs to the left, or down the stairs to the right. Go left first, and at the end of the hall is a corpse holding Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook (21). The wall to the left of this is fake, so hit it to enter another drawing room and loot the Depraved Perfumer Carmaan ashes. Go back to where the three snails in the center of the room were, and head down the steps. This will eventually lead you into a room with the Prison Town Church Site of Grace.

Inside The Dungeon

Outside this room are the beginnings of the Volcano Manor dungeon. Head right, where there will be a man-lizard enemy. You can jump on the rooftops to your left to access some extra loot and eliminate any enemies above ground, but then continue the main path past the lizard. You'll bump into some dogs to your right, and then an Abductor Virgin. Past the Virgin you'll want to be careful of the poisonous skeletons on the rooftops, as they will throw things at you.

You'll run into a larger area with three different ways to go. To your right will be an Imp Statue fog wall. It's recommended you use a Stonesword Key for this, because inside you'll pick up the Crimson Amber Medallion +1, past the Abductor Virgin. To the left, down the stairs and past the enemy with the torch, lies an Omenkiller next to some burning rubble. Just before the fire pit, you'll find a side path to the right that leads to some loot you can't otherwise access. You'll find some Smithing Stones and a Stonesword Key.

Back at the central plaza, there will be a lizard man guarding a door at the very end. To the right of the building is a ladder you must take to continue. From the roof, immediately jump down onto the next balcony just behind it. This will lead you to the innards of the building.

Manor Halls

From the balcony, there will be an Omenkiller inside the next room. You can sneak past him, because his back is turned to you, but make sure to loot the items on the table to your left — the Albinauric Mask and Albinauric Staff. To continue out of the room, head to the right, and then up a ladder. This will lead you outside, where you should go around and jump over the railing onto a roof, and then back over a railing.

Inside this next room are some hanging enemies, so be wary. To your right is the previously locked and guarded door, that you can now open to create a shortcut. To continue through the dungeon, head left and down some stairs. There will be crawling enemies on the stairs and on the floor below. If you let them grab you, they will take a large chunk of health from you and kill you instantly if you haven't invested points into Vigor. Make sure to kill them before they can grab-attack you.

There will be a hall with a guy on a swing. If he yells, it calls forth a crawling enemy behind him. Past these, in a room to the right, is the Guest Hall Site of Grace. Open the door across the room to enter the next area. When stepping outside, note that all the way on the other side of the dungeon is where you'll be teleported if you use the Abductor Virgin method to enter the manor. There's a ladder to your right to safely get down and enter the lava depths.

Abductor Virgin Teleport

With this method, you don't get teleported into a convenient location. There are some bats on this cliff with you, and if you go past them and along the wall, you'll find a cave system that will eventually lead you to Mt Gelmir. There is a lot of jumping down platforms in this cave, and to actually access Volcano Manor, you're going to have to jump off the cliff you spawned at and into the lava.

Lava will generally slow you down to a walk, and dodging will be as if you have a heavy load. It also deals consistent damage to you as you walk through it. You can survive the drop, though, so drop closest to safe ground and make your way to it. From here, you'll want to find the closest Site of Grace you can get to before you die. Go up the stairs to your left and take the metal lift upwards, run past or defeat the elite enemy up the stairs, and make a left. There's a large lever you can interact with here, which will raise a bridge that connects you to the first Site of Grace in the dungeon, Prison Town Church.

The Lava Depths

Jump over the hot magma and make your way to the small steps going up. There will be two lifts here, and a lizard man. The lift to your right leads down to the Magma Wyrm mini-boss. This is a difficult fight, because you're barely given any ground to fight on with all the magma flowing. The lift to your left heads up, and continues the dungeon.

There will be a Black Flame Monk guarding a room. Don't enter this room yet, as it triggers a boss fight. Behind the monk, to the left, is a lever that raises a large bridge. This bridge leads you back to the Prison Town Church Site of Grace. The following boss is the Godskin Noble, whom you must defeat to continue through the manor.

First Boss And Volcano Mountain

The Godskin Noble can be a tough battle, especially when he inflates and starts rolling toward you in a small room. Check out our guide detailing how to defeat the Godskin Noble in Volcano Manor, with melee and ranged strategies.

Upon defeat, he will drop the Godskin Stitcher, and you'll unlock the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. On the altar across from the Grace is the Serpent's Amnion key item. To the left, behind you, is an entrance into the church that leads to a shortcut you can access later. For now, you'll want to stand on the platform to the right of the Grace.

The platform will take you up to a balcony with seemingly nowhere to go. You have to jump off the balcony onto the rocky mountain behind. Walk up the mountain, jump down again, then continue up. You'll come across a large lake of magma. Head left, but be wary of an Abductor Virgin that will start making its way toward you.

There is a window in the building the Abductor Virgin came from that you have to hop into. Inside you'll find a ladder and a door. The ladder leads down to some more of those crawling enemies that grab you, and a large empty room with a cell you can open to loot Missonary's Cookbook (6). The door back up the ladder leads to the next area, with a lizard man patrolling the stairs.

The next room is quite dark. There's a clear path to take to your right, but you should turn left first. There's a wooden lift you can activate, which takes you back to the Temple of Eiglay, where you defeated the Godskin Noble. Interacting with the lift activates it for when you're at the Grace and want to go up. Continuing through the archway, there are windows to your left. One of them has a ladder that leads to Rya, if you've been continuing her quest. At the end of the long hall, past the lizard men and the undead, is the entrance to another part of the manor.

There will be cowering undead enemies. When you kill them they explode in a puff of poison, so make sure to dodge backwards when you land the killing blow.

Manor Chambers

Inside the next door will be some more poisonous undead. It's best to eliminate them quickly, because there are three lizard men further inside the room. Two of them are at the far end of the room, and won't aggro you until you get close, but the first lizard man will challenge you when you're near the exploding undead.

Just outside the next door is a waygate portal that will teleport you to the final boss. Use this to gain access to the Audience Pathway Site of Grace just before the boss. Then, you'll want to make your way back to this room. Across the center throne in this room are some stairs leading to another door. There's an imp statue door just beyond, that leads to a lot of key items and a shortcut.

Imp Statue Door

Upon entering the fog wall, you'll notice some hanging metal cages. You can safely parkour down them to reach the bottom of the room, but you'll miss an area. Instead, look directly down from the door, like in the photo above.

You'll land on a platform with the Dagger Talisman to pick up. From here, you can jump down onto a metal cage, and then down onto an enemy. This is the area you wouldn't have been able to reach otherwise. You'll find a Rune Arc near to where the enemy was.

Continue jumping onto the metal cages. When there are no more cages to jump to, there will be a broken wooden beam to your right that you can jump onto. If you have ranged attacks, you're best off target-locking below you and killing what you can before dropping down. Just below are those old man-looking enemies, that when yelling, call forth the crawling enemies. If they manage to do this, you'll be bombarded with around four of these enemies.

From where the crawling enemies came from, you can find the Seedbed Curse item on a corpse. To the left of this corpse are some stairs leading to an Abductor Virgin that you might have seen when activating the large metal bridge in front of the Temple of Eiglay. There is a Somber Smithing Stone (7) behind her.

Back into the center of the room, you'll see light coming from a fireplace in the next room. In front of the fireplace is the Ash of War: Royal Knight's Resolve. To your right is a path that leads to a shortcut back to the safe zone of Volcano Manor, near the entrance. With this complete, fast travel back to the Audience Pathway to take on the final boss.

The Final Boss

When you enter the boss arena, you won't face Rykard right out of the gate. You first have to defeat the God-Devouring Serpent. Once defeated, the serpent turns into Rykard, and a second boss fight gets under way with no break in-between. This can be difficult, since you only have a limited amount of HP and FP flasks. We have a guide on the best strategies for defeating Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy.

Notable Loot

Albinauric Staff and MaskIn a room inside the building that the Guest Hall Site of Grace is in.
Erdtree's SealLooted near Omenkiller and some burning rubble, down the stairs and across from the first imp statue door.
Magma BladeA chance drop from the lizard men with flaming blades.
Dagger TalismanInside second imp statue door, just before the waygate portal to the final boss.
Crimson Amber Medallion +1Inside the first imp statue door, past the Prison Town Church Grace.
Ash of War: Royal Knight's ResolveInside the second imp statue door, just before the waygate portal to final boss.
Noble PresenceDropped upon defeat of Godskin Noble.

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