Elden Ring Player Called Will Smith Is Invading And Slapping Players

It has now been more than a week since Will Smith took to the stage at the Oscars and slapped Chris Rock across the face for insulting his wife. You might have thought the entire world would be over it by now but no, apparently not. The fallout from the act continues to rack up as a number of projects Smith is currently a part of have been put on pause, and the actor has resigned from the Academy.

Before you block the event out of your memory forever, know that not all of those doing their utmost to keep the story at the top of your newsfeeds are trying to further the discourse. Some people are just trying to have a little fun with the whole thing while the incident remains in the spotlight, such as the anonymous Elden Ring player showing up in rival games and slapping players before immediately taking their leave.

Actually, labeling them anonymous isn't entirely accurate. As you can see in the clip below, the player is warned that they have been invaded by WILL SMITH. For some reason the name being in all caps makes the whole thing even funnier. Having no idea what's about to happen, the invaded player readies themselves for battle, as you should in this situation. However, Smith approaches them slowly, delivers one swift slap, and then walks away.

The only thing missing from the whole interaction is Smith telling the invaded player to keep his wife's name out of their mouth. Although to be fair, in this recreation, the slap was unwarranted. Comments on the post above claim this isn't an isolated incident. In fact, all caps Will Smith isn't the only player carrying out this particular brand of feeble Elden Ring punishment in The Lands Between. A number of people have reportedly been recreating the act, the one above just happened to be caught and shared.

Pretending to be Will Smith isn't the only way Elden Ring players have been passing the time in-game. Someone has already beaten the first boss using a controller made from bananas, and last week a different player completed a pacifist run of the game. Ease off a little please everyone. You're really making those of us still wandering around aimlessly a month in look bad.

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