Elden Ring Mod Has You Fight A Binley Mega Chippy

A game that isn't live service will typically have sacrificed its portion of the spotlight four months after launch. Not Elden Ring. For a number of reasons, including how much there is to do in the game, the latest FromSoftware offering remains almost as relevant as it was back in February. The modding community also has a lot to do with that, as those who can have been adding everything from Darth Vader to the Binley Mega Chippy into The Lands Between.

You have ToastedShoes to thank for what might well be the most bizarre and entertaining Elden Ring mod to date (via PCGamesN). As you can see in the short clip below, the modder has turned one of the game's massive walking mausoleums into the TikTok-famous takeaway. While the legs and the bell on its underside remain the same, the top of the behemoth is now the chip shop everyone on social media has been raving about.

You might also notice Homer Simpson is the one trying to take out the monster's legs so they can get to the chippy and order whatever it is Homer Simpson might order from a chip shop. Probably a Pukka Pie. That's because ToastedShoes is responsible for all sorts of Elden Ring mods that put things into The Lands Between that really shouldn't be there. Bowser and Amy from Sonic have also graced the game thanks to their work.

As for Binley Mega Chippy, if you haven't heard of it, then you've either been living under a rock or you only pay attention to unimportant news like the rising cost of energy bills and holograms of the Queen. The unassuming takeaway first caught the eye of social media users when it was featured in a rundown of some of the best in the UK. Shortly after that, someone created the simple yet annoyingly catchy jingle you can hear in the clip above.

The chip shop has shot to stardom since, but if you're planning on paying it a visit, you might want to leave it a week or two. People have been flocking to its home in Coventry from all over the UK, resulting in quite the queue forming outside. As for Elden Ring and its many mods, if taking down a giant chip shop isn't your cup of curry sauce, there's a more useful one that entered beta testing last week which allows you to seamlessly play four-player co-op.

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