Elden Ring: How To Get The Moonveil Katana

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FromSoftware's recent hit RPG, Elden Ring, allows for a plethora of different builds, play styles, and approaches to its challenging world and bosses. From an armor-clad knight, to a magic-wielding sorcerer you can build your lowly tarnished into anything you want them to be.

Some weapons, however, have already gained somewhat of a cult following among the Elden Ring player base, due to their unique designs and powerful weapon arts. One such weapon is the Moonveil Katana, a magic blade you can get early in the game if you are willing to take on a challenging dungeon and boss.

How To Find The Moonveil Katana

This powerful magic katana can be located in one of the game’s many dungeons. Specifically, in order to find the Moonveil Katana, you will need to head to the Gael Tunnel, located on the edge of Limgrave and Caelid, as pictured above.

Once you have arrived at the Gael Tunnel, you can choose to take out all the enemies that this dungeon has to offer, but be mindful that this is a mid-game area. So, if you are just starting your journey in the Lands Between, you may be better served avoiding the enemies here. There is a site of grace early on in the tunnel, so claim that in order to set it as your respawn point.

Once you have claimed the site of grace, travel through the tunnel, either fighting the enemies or dodging past them until you come to the boss door, as marked by a yellow fog gate. Do not enter the boss room yet. Open the door to its left to find another site of grace and the cave's exit. Once you have rested at the site of grace, you are ready to take on this dungeon’s boss and get the Moonveil Katana.

Fighting The Magma Wyrm

While this boss is not unique – it appears at a number of locations throughout Elden Ring – the Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel can pose a serious challenge at lower levels. This is in part due to its fire-laced attacks that deal heavy damage. However, it is mostly due to the cramped boss arena you will be fighting in.

  • If you are a melee user there are two main strategies that will give you an advantage in this fight. Firstly, utilize your spirit summons, they may not deal a great deal of damage to this boss, but they will distract it allowing you to implement the main strategy for defeating this subterranean lizard.
  • Secondly, while your summon distracts the Magma Wyrm, you will want to focus your attacks on its back legs. The boss struggles to hit you from behind, making this the safest spot to deal damage. Be careful to watch out for its charging attack, this will hit you even if you are not directly in front of it.
  • If you are a magic user, this fight is slightly more simple. Just lock on to its head and hit it with magic from range. Gravity magic is a good tool as it will make the Magma Wyrm stagger relatively easily, allowing you to deal heavy damage.

Once you have beaten the Magma Wyrm you get the Moonveil Katana (as well as a Dragon Heart) as a reward.

Using The Moonveil Katana

To use the Moonveil, you will need 12 strength, 18 dexterity, and 23 intelligence. Most weapons in Elden Ring have one key advantage that allows them to be strong but also quite balanced. The Moonveil, however, has a number of advantages that make it one of the most powerful weapons you can find.

  • Firstly, the katana, like many in the game, deals bleed damage. This means that over time your attacks will build an enemy's bleed meter and eventually deal a huge chunk of damage.
  • Next, the blade’s weapon art shoots a powerful magic attack into the area ahead of you. This deals both physical and magic damage and is extremely potent against many of the game’s bosses.
  • Lastly, the katana scales with both dexterity and intelligence, meaning the higher your stats are in those categories the more damage you will deal. Ultimately, this katana is perfect for dexterity and intelligence-based characters.

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