Elden Ring: How To Defeat Ancient Hero Of Zamor In Weeping Peninsula

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Elden Ring has the largest number of bosses in the series compared to other FromSoftware games. Ancient Hero of Zamor is a unique field boss who appears inside an Evergaol. These Evergaols are located in different places and teleport you underground to fight the boss in a designated arena.

The fight with Ancient Hero of Zamor is not mandatory, so you can progress in the story without fighting him. However, defeating him can earn you Runes and a unique Talisman. His attacks do not do much damage, but he can apply Frostbite to them, making you more careful of your dodges and blocks.

Ancient Hero Of Zamor Overview

Ancient Hero of Zamor Overview
LocationWeeping Evergaol, Limgrave
DropsRadagon's Scarseal
Weak ToMagic

Ancient Hero of Zamor is the boss you will face in Weeping Evergaol in Limgrave. The Evergaol is located in the western Weeping Peninsula. You will encounter other bosses along your way in caves or riding on horses. Fighting this boss is optional and is not necessary to progress further into the game. To activate the Evergaol, you will have to use a Stonesword Key and enter it into the statue.

You can not use Torrent to fight the boss while being mounted.

You can use magical Incantations or Ashes of War on your weapon for increased damage.

You can not summon online players or Spirit Ashes to help you with the fight. Defeating the boss will get you the Radagon's Scarseal, a Talisman that grants a boost in affinities at the cost of taking more damage.

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Ancient Hero Of Zamor Attacks

The boss does not have many attacks, but he has a second phase where his sword starts to inflict ice damage to you.


Chilling Attack

The boss gets down on his knees and starts blowing ice wind towards the player in a cone shape. This deals minor damage and builds up Frostbite the longer you stay in it.

Counter: You need to run away, either left or right, when he starts to get down on his knees.

Spinning Attack

Dances and attacks by swinging from left to right two times.

Counter: You can either block both of his attacks or dodge towards his left side.

Frostbite Sword

When the boss reaches 50% health, he sits down and enchants his sword with Frostbite.


Ancient Hero of Zamor creates a storm with protective hail flying around him. Staying in the area causes damage and inflicts Frostbite.

Counter: As soon as you see him starting the animation, you need to run away from him.


The boss curves a little and lunges forward, thrusting his sword in the player's direction.

Counter: Dodging to any side will avoid taking damage.

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There are two phases in the fight against the Ancient Hero of Zamor. You will need to fight carefully and not greed much, or you will get Frostbitten and die. There are, also, two strategies for this boss fight: going melee and dodging all of his attacks or whittling down his health from range.

Melee Strategy

For the melee strategy, you will need to stay aggressive. The boss uses Spinning Attack and Chilling Attack in the first phase of the fight. For the spinning attack, you can use the block R2 attack to deal damage to the boss and break his posture. The Chilling Attack is slow but deadly if you stay in the area.

During this animation, you can get to the boss's back to get two to three free hits.

The boss will chase you slowly but surely if you try to run away from him. Avoid getting frostbitten, as the boss's attacks will negate your shield if that happens. As soon as the boss reaches 50 percent health, he will enchant his sword with Frostbite. This has a large animation, and the boss is vulnerable. You can go to him and attack him until he gets up and is ready to strike again.

If you want to stay at medium range to avoid his attacks safely and use a sword, you can use the Carian Blade (Sorcery).

The Carian Blade extends the range of your sword. It is also a magical attack, so it will do great damage to the boss because he is weak against it.

Ranged Strategy

This is a straightforward strategy. You need to equip Swift Glintstone Shard (Sorcery) and make use of your staff to poke the boss at a safe distance. In this strategy, all your focus must be on keeping away from the boss by dodging away and using your magic. You can get in mid-range to make the boss start a slash animation allowing you to dodge back and counterattack. The boss is weak against Magic, so you will be doing a lot of damage this way.

You can also use a bow in the same way if you can not use Sorcery. Make sure to bring a lot of arrows for the fight as you will need them.

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