Elden Ring: How To Complete Thops’ Questline

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Elden Ring loves to hide NPCs and their associated quests behind all manner of metaphoric (and sometimes literal) walls. It’s down to players to decipher dialogue and environmental clues if they want to see anything to a conclusion, and even then, failure is always an option. Thops is one such NPC, however, his questline is possibly the simplest the game has to offer.

The story of Thops is undeniably a sad one. A fairly incompetent wizard who was so unapologetically talentless, his colleagues forgot to give him a key when they sealed Raya Lucaria behind powerful wards. This ejected Thops from his place of learning – and home – and now all he wants is to return to the one place he felt welcome – even though he clearly wasn’t.

How To Find Thops

You can find Thops in the Church Of Irith, which is found just down the path after defeating Godrick The Grafted and entering Liurnia Of The Lakes. Thops will introduce himself in a rather self-deprecating way and ask if you could donate some Runes.

Thops only asks for 10 Runes, which is a price worth paying for the emotional and mechanical “benefits” he brings. This small investment will open up further dialogue options explaining Thops predicament, as well as unlock his shop.

Thops sells a few basic Sorceries that, whilst nothing special, are great for players who want to dabble in magic after starting with a melee-based class.

Thops will reveal that to enter Raya Lucaria, you need a Glintstone Key. He asks if you could bring him a spare key if you ever find two, which is the basis of this quest.

How To Get Thops Glintstone Key

In order to get a second Glintstone Key for Thops, you will need to make your way through Raya Lucaria Academy and kill the Red Wolf Of Radagon. This will unlock the Debate Hall Site Of Grace, which will be our starting point for finding the second key. From here:

  • Head to the Courtyard to the north of the Site Of Grace.
  • Turn left and head up the stairs where a pair of mages will be throwing spells at you.
  • Take out the mages and then go to the left of the staircase, you should see another mage on a ledge. Hop down onto some more stairs, kill this mage, turn around, head down the stairs, kill another mage and open the shortcut to this staircase.
  • Turn around again, head back up the stairs, and jump onto the nearby rooftops.
  • Follow these rooftops until you reach an area called the Church Of The Cuckoo and search for a broken window.
  • Climb through the window and hop onto the chandeliers. You will find the Second Glintstone Key here.

Once you have the key, return to Thops at the Church Of Irith, and he’ll express his thanks before moving to Raya Lucaria.

Where To Find Thops In Raya Lucaria Academy

To find Thops a second time, travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site Of Grace, go east, and you’ll find Thops in the next room sitting at a desk. Unfortunately, Thops is dead. On his body you will find:

  • Academy Glintstone Staff
  • Thops’ Barrier Spell
  • Thops’ Bell Bearing

There is no way to save Thops from his fate, but if you take the time to read the lore entry for Thop’s Barrier, you will discover that in his last moments, Thops discovered a new form of magic worthy of study. What a legend.

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