Effigy Channels Some Unreal And Quake Vibes

During today’s Realms Deep stream, a rather interesting looking classic FPS title named Effigy was revealed. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Unreal and Quake, this throwback title will feature a more interconnected and massive world with an emphasis on exploration. Don’t think you’ll be circle strafing enemies or collecting bazillions of guns: this is definitely heavy on the sci-fi stuff.

Coming from Redact Games (developer behind the acclaimed adventure title Sagebrush), the story for Effigy thrusts players onto a mysterious alien planet and tasks them with destroying an ancient god. There will not only be elements of classic shooters present but a progression similar to that of Metroid and Dark Souls. I wouldn’t expect hardcore difficulty, but you won’t want to be rampaging through tons of enemies at once.

As you can see from the visual style, Effigy is looking to the past to power its tech. Likely built on a modified version of Unity, care is being taken to recreating the iconic Quake 2 wobble effect on 3D models. Mixed with an incredibly dark and gritty art style, this could almost pass for a horror game more than a retro FPS.

The current plan is to release three episodes in Steam early access over the next year or so. There’s no confirmed date for when the first episode will be available, but the expected release is early 2021. The game will probably end up being as long as other, similar throwback titles, so except five or so hours in the campaign.

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