EA interested in acquiring new studios amid talk of WB Games buyout

EA won’t comment on the company buying Warner Bros. Interactive, but has expressed an interest in new talent.

Warner Bros. has been very quiet in terms of game announcements over the last several months, with the only major news being that it’s considering selling off its entire gaming division.

At the time, it was reported that companies Take-Two, Activision Blizzard, and EA were interested in acquiring it and, while nothing has been confirmed, EA has now stated that it is looking to buy new studios.

According to VGC, EA COO Blake Jorgensen was asked about the potential Warner Bros. buyout during an investors meeting.

He chose not to comment about this specifically but did explain that EA is far more interested in acquiring new talent than games.

‘I can’t comment on any specific acquisition other than what I will tell you is, as you’ve seen in the past, where we’ve done the best is where we have long-term relationships with people, and we’re really trying to buy great talent versus games,’ he said.

He used Titanfall and Apex Legends developer Respawn as an example, saying that the key reason why EA bought the studio was more because of the team working there.

‘It wasn’t about Titanfall – and that’s no offense to Titanfall, it’s an amazing game and we’ll maybe see a Titanfall at some point sometime down the road – but it was really about the team and it starts at the top with Vince but it goes all the way through the whole organisation.’

The mention of a possible new Titanfall could excite fans who have been hankering for a sequel since the last game, which released in 2016.

However, EA does have an infamous reputation for buying famous studios and then shutting them down, so fans might worry about them acquiring WB studios like Rocksteady, considering the fates of Bullfrog (Dungeon Keeper), Pandemic (the original Star Wars Battlefront games), and Visceral Games (Dead Space).

As for Warner Bros., it still has new Harry Potter and Batman games to announce and release, with the latter expected to finally be revealed at the end of August.

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