Dynamic New Armor Featured In Upcoming System Override Apex Legends Event

Respawn’s latest content drop has Apex Legends fans pumped up — not just for the usual cosmetics and new limited-time playlist — but for a brand new take on shields in the game. The new System Override event is arriving on March 3rd, bringing more epic content to Apex players.

The upcoming limited-time mode is called Déjà vu and will feature (aside from the terrible pun) fixed loot locations as well as one ring pattern per day. These elements will make for much more predictive and consistent gameplay, removing a massive amount of RNG from the game. Undoubtedly, the new mode will change player behavior significantly. It will also split its time between World’s Edge and King’s Canyon — one week for each.

As far as cosmetics, they look good — really good. The new Octane heirloom is a butterfly knife/syringe hybrid and features some liquid-smooth animations. Upcoming skins for legends and weapons alike are looking quite sleek too; Gibraltar’s new haircut and Gundam-esque suit is particularly suave.

The most exciting addition, perhaps, is the brand new Evo Shield — an adaptive armor type that gets stronger as a player deals more damage. It appears that players will start with an underwhelming 25 extra HP in the Evo Shield’s first phase, stacking an additional 25 on for each level of damage accrued. Supposedly, its final red form will provide a total of up to 125 extra HP.

Some are speculating that the Evo Shield is an armor concept that could be permanently adopted into the game later down the road. It would make sense, taking into account the many complaints about how overpowered luck-based armor grabs are.

Lastly, while not from Respawn, new drivers have been released by Nvidia — designed to combat the repetitive crashes that Apex players have been experiencing. After some testing, many who experienced these repeated crashes discovered that the problem had to do with their Nvidia graphics cards. Some reported success after reverting to old drivers, but it looks like the team at Nvidia noticed and took action.

Hopefully, the driver update does the trick for the crash victims; it would be great to see the angry Twitter mobs die back down. Until then, the future still looks bright for Apex Legends.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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