Dying Light 2 Delays First Story DLC To September

Techland has announced that Dying Light 2's first story expansion won't be coming this June as expected and will instead launch in September.

On what seems like a delay day, Techland joins Bethesda in asking its fans to wait a little longer. Prior to the release of Dying Light 2, its developers presented a post-launch road map, revealing that the game's first major story DLC would be out in June – just four months after launch. However, things do not always progress as planned and Techland has confirmed that it needs some more time on the DLC.

The message reads, "Dear Pilgrims, your feedback always has the highest priority for us, and we want to be honest and transparent with you. We will still need a bit more time to develop the first story DLC. It is now planned to be released in September."

We still know very little about the upcoming DLC. The studio earlier revealed that the first expansion won't take place after the events of the main game and will instead take place alongside it. However, the team is considering some other DLC to pick up from where Dying Light 2 ends, and already has "some promising ideas."

Techland clarified that in June the studio will introduce the first chapter of a mode entitled "In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner," which will be filled with community events, new enemies, bounties, and side missions. Fans can also expect the highly anticipated photo mode feature to arrive next month.

The developers apologized for the delay and revealed the updated road map for Dying Light 2 you can check out above. As seen, fans can expect the second chapter with new content to drop in September, expanding the project further.

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