Dungeons & Dragons – The Lost Mine Of Phandelver Is Accessible For Free Until May 5

The people with a lot of free time and a webcam can now experience Dungeons & Dragons online with no charge, as The Lost Mine of Phandelver starter adventure is free for everyone to use on D&D Beyond until May 5.

In order to play Dungeons & Dragons, a player needs a copy of the Player’s Handbook, a character sheet, and some dice. The person running the game needs a Dungeon Master’s Guide and a Monster Manual. There are other items that can make running the game easier (such as a DM Screen or a battle map with minis), but the basic books and dice are the only things that are necessary for the game. Wizards of the Coast (and TSR before them) have released starter box sets with simplified rules and pre-created adventures so that players can quickly jump into the action in a way that’s easy and accessible. The current edition of Dungeons & Dragons has the D&D Starter Set, which comes with an adventure called The Lost Mine of Phandelver and a small rulebook that covers everything from levels 1-5.

The Lost Mine Of Phandelver Cover Dungeons & Dragons

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The self-isolation period means that people cannot leave the house to play D&D with their friends, but it is possible to play the game online using webcams and programs that determine dice rolls. The people who are looking to experience D&D online during the self-isolation period are in luck, as The Lost Mine of Phandelver adventure is now free for everyone to read on D&D Beyond. The D&D Beyond Twitter has announced the freebie in a new post.

Every aspect of the adventure can now be read online for free on D&D Beyond, including the maps. The Lost Mine of Phandelver offers an easy way for players to get into Dungeons & Dragons, especially for people who want to be DMs, as all of the work is already done for them.

A huge new audience has been exposed to Dungeons & Dragons thanks to the popularity of streaming shows. People who are self-isolating and are unable to leave the house can now experience the game through online means and D&D Beyond has made it easier than ever with The Lost Mine of Phandelver. 

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