Dreadhalls Quest Selling More Than Gear, Go, PSVR & PC VR Combined

Plenty of VR developers are seeing success having launched their games on Oculus Quest. Dreadhalls developer White Door Games is one of those studios.

Nearly five months on since its release Dreadhalls Quest is selling more than all of its other versions combined. White Door’s Sergio Hidalgo confirmed as much in an interview with Gamertag TV to promote the studio’s new game, Cosmophobia. There was some initial confusion as to if the developer meant the game had already sold more than other platforms combined or if it was currently selling more than the other versions. We reached out to Hidalgo, who confirmed it was the latter.

“It still has a way to go before it reaches the accumulated units of Gear/Go, or even Rift + SteamVR,” Hidalgo clarified.

Even so, this remains an impressive feat; Dreadhalls is currently available on Gear VR, Oculus Go, PSVR and PC VR headsets. Granted older versions have been available for years, but the Quest version outselling against around five other headsets is still quite a thing.

Dreadhalls was actually one of the first ever VR games to launch on a commercial headset, hitting Facebook and Samsung’s Gear VR device all the way back in 2015. It’s since amassed over 4,000 user reviews on the Oculus Store and also released fairly early on PSVR and PC VR too.

Quest’s standalone design seems to be proving popular in the fledgling VR industry, with plenty of other developers reporting similar success to White Door Games. The studio’s next game is a sci-fi horror very similar in nature to Dreadhalls, though it will be appearing on PC VR devices first. Quest and PSVR versions could happen after that.

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