Dragonite Is The Most Popular Pokemon With Top Unite Players

Pokemon Unite launched during the summer of 2021 and is still strong. Pokemon's first take on the MOBA genre started on Nintendo Switch and expanded onto mobile a few months later, thus making itself available to millions of other potential players. Best of all, Unite is free to play, and those of you who have become hooked will likely have one Pokemon you go back to time and time again.

Figuring out who the best Pokemon is, and more importantly which Pokemon is best for you, can be hard. You may have particularly poor opponents in one match and think it was actually because you picked Crustle. No disrespect Crustle, yours was just a name we picked randomly out of the air, honest. On the flip side, a great Pokemon in Unite might have a bad day, or even just one bad match, and put you off picking it again forever.

Suffice to say, if you don't like using Dragonite, you might want to step back and reasses. The most used Pokemon since the last patch (pre-Trevenant which will be added to Unite next week) is Dragonite, and it's not even close. The breakdown, which you can check out below, shows Unite's top 100 players opt for Dragonite in almost one in every five matches.

19.7% of the time, to be exact, which is almost twice as often as the Pokemon in second, third, and fourth. Eldegoss, Lucario, and Tsareena all occupy those spots in what is an incredibly close run thing, being chosen by top players 10.8%, 10.3%, and 10.1% respectively. What appears to have made relative newcomer Dragonite more popular than any other Pokemon among Unite's elite is that it is the closest thing to a true all-rounder added so far.

All-rounder is a category Dragonite shares with a number of other Pokemon, but none of them are quite as good across the board as the gen one behemoth. The take-home is, for now at least, use Dragonite whenever you can if you're trying to increase your rank. Don't get too comfortable, though. Pokemon will be buffed and nerfed with every update. Before you know it, Crustle might be top players' go-to. Again, Crustle, no offense.

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