Dragon Quest Mobile Game Gets Global Release

Square Enix has released the mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars for Android and iOS globally. Based on the classic Dragon Quest franchise, this free RPG game has been out in Japan since 2015 and downloaded over 20 million times. Much like other titles in the series, Dragon Quest of the Stars allows players to explore planets and fight monsters through turn-based solo combat or cooperative four-player gameplay.

Players can also customize their characters and buy equipment, whether using real money or in-game gems, through the gacha store. The app also comes with an optional paid subscription pass called Star Pass that costs $9 monthly. You can access auto-battle and turbo mode with this pass and get other perks like Star Pass Lucky Chest Draws, stamina refills once per day, 30 more Luck while the pass is active, and extra equipment lockers.

The newly released game has run into a few issues for certain language users, though. The official Dragon Quest account tweeted out that developers were aware of in-game issues for players whose devices were set to French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, and other languages. Square Enix has suggested users switch their devices to English temporarily in order to play the game while the developers find a fix.

You can check out the Dragon Quest of the Stars launch trailer below.

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