Dragon Age Inquisition: Guide To Rogue Specializations

If you’ve chosen to go rogue in Dragon Age: Inquisition, literally picking the rogue class for your Inquisitor, there are three different rogue specializations that become available later in the game. Once you have reached Skyhold, a new war table operation will appear called “Specializations for the Inquisitor.”

Completing this operation will invite three trainers to Skyhold, each of which is prepared to teach you their individual specialization should you complete their quest. Specializations are sub-classes for your main class, and rogues have the option of Artificer, Assassin, or Tempest. For those struggling to decide which specialization is best for them as well as guides on how to complete the required quests, we’ve got everything you need right here.

Where to Find the Rogue Trainers

The three trainers for the rogue specializations can be found in the lower courtyard of Skyhold, just between Blackwall’s barn and the stairs that lead to the kitchen area. Three-Eyes offers the Artificer role, Heir offers the Assassin role, and finally, Kihm offers the Tempest role.

Players are able to accept and have all three quests active at any one time, however, as soon as you hand in a quest to any of the NPCs, you are selecting that particular specialization and will be unable to complete the other quests or unlock the other specializations.

Way of the Artificer

  • NPC: Three-Eyes
  • Specialization: Artificers specialize in traps, using deadly explosive mines and various traps to help turn the tide of combat on the battlefield.
  • Quest: Three-Eyes requests that you construct the proper tools required for the Artificer role and that you must learn the methods in which to use them. To accomplish this, players must collect a specific codex, find three alpha quillback spines, gather crafting materials, and then craft the tools to give to Three-Eyes.

Firstly, players need to pick up the Writing on Artificer methods that unlocks the codex entry “Way of the Artificer.” This can be found on the table just next to Varric in Skyhold, or purchased from the merchant Willvan in Val Royeaux.

Next, players need to travel to the Western Approach in order to collect the three alpha quillback spines. These spines can be found at Nazaire’s Pass, the Canyons, and near the Old Prison Road, all of these locations are marked on the map above. Alternatively, if you have the Short List perk, there is a chance that the merchant Master Taniel in the Exalted Plains will stock the spines. If he doesn’t have them in stock, leave the map and re-enter to refresh his stock.

The next item you need is 20 Obsidian, which can be found in the following areas: Crestwood, the Exalted Plains, and the Hinterlands. Alternatively, they can be obtained by completing the war table operation “Crestwood Resources” if you send Josephine or Cullen, or can be purchased from the Black Emporium that is available via free DLC.

Once you have all the required materials, you can craft the tools at any requisition table and then take them to Three-Eyes to unlock the Artificer specialization.

The Way of the Assassin

  • NPC: Heir
  • Specialization: Assassins are experts in taking lives swiftly and without detection, possessing skills that allow them to eliminate their target while remaining a safe distance away.
  • Quest: Heir asks you to craft a knife worthy of an Assassin and research the proper methods in which you should wield it before they’ll invite you into the Assassin specialization. Players must collect a specific codex, retrieve three assassin guild leader tokens, gather some crafting materials, and then craft the knife to give to Heir in order to become an Assassin.

First and foremost, be sure to collect the Writing on Assassin’s methods that unlocks the codex entry “Way of the Assassin,” which can be found close to Cole in the Herald’s Rest tavern in Skyhold. If Cole was not recruited, it can instead be purchased from the merchant Willvan in Val Royeaux.

Next, players need to travel to Crestwood in order to track down the three assassin guild leader tokens. These tokens can be found by defeating three groups of bandits and looting the bodies of the leaders to claim the required tokens. The bandits can be found in the following locations: the East Side Hills (outside a shack near a lakeshore), the Flats (near the fisherman’s shack landmark atop the hill), and the Black Fens (at a quarry south of the dam). All three locations are marked on the map above.

There are a couple of things to know about this quest; firstly, the items that the leaders drop are referred to as “Assassin Weapons” rather than guild leader tokens. Secondly, it’s possible for players to kill and loot these bandit groups before accepting the quest, meaning that they won’t drop the required items. However, it has been reported that the items can be dropped by any double-dagger rogues enemies, such as the following:

  • Highwayman Prowlers in Crestwood
  • White Claw Raider Footpads in the Western Approach
  • Freemen Prowlers in the Emerald Graves
  • Lyrium Smuggler Lurkers in the Hinterlands
  • Carta Assassins or their leader in Valammar

The next item that players need is 20 Deathroot, found in either the Western Approach or the Hissing Wastes, or obtained via the “Hissing Wastes” war table operation if Leliana is sent, or purchased from the Crestwood village merchant.

Once you have all the required items, craft the blade at any requisition table and then take it to Heir in order to unlock the Assassin Specialization.

Way of the Tempest

  • NPC: Kihm
  • Specialization: Tempests specialize in unpredictable combat, utilizing alchemical mixtures to empower themselves with various elements when they attack, dealing more damage and causing mayhem.
  • Quest: Kihm requests that you fill a bottle with smoke, and then study the methods in which you can use it in order to become a Tempest. Players must collect a specific codex, acquire three essence containment apparatuses, three spirit essences, and then craft the bottle of smoke to give to Kihm.

Firstly, you need to grab the Writing on Tempest methods that unlocks the codex entry “Way of the Tempest.” This can be found on a table in Sera’s room, which is on the upper floor of the Herald’s Rest tavern in Skyhold, or purchased from the merchant Willvan in Val Royeaux if Sera was not recruited.

Next, you need to travel to the Storm Coast in order to find three essence containment apparatuses. These items are dropped by three demons found in the following locations: Apostate’s Landing, Long River, and Storm’s Solitude. The locations are shown on the map above, though you might not need to visit all three areas as some players reports receiving more than one apparatus per marked location. If you have the Short List Inquisition perk, they can also be purchased from the merchant Gertrude in the Emerald Graves (though her stock does change every time you re-enter the map) or looted from red templar generals in Sahrnia Quarry in the Emerald Graves.

You then need to find three spirit essences, which are dropped by any terror demon or shade enemy. Spirit essences can also be obtained during the side quest “The Spirit Calmed” in the Forbidden Oasis — found in a sarcophagus in the very first chamber in the quest. Additionally, three spirit essences can be a possible reward from completing the war table operation “Deploy Rhys and Evangeline.”

After you have all the required items, you can craft the bottle of smoke at any requisition table and then take it to Kihm to become a Tempest.

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