Dr Disrespect Wants Revenge in 100Thieves Code RED Warzone Tourney

After suffering a tough loss in the recent $50,000 Call of Duty: Warzone tournament, popular streamer and content creator, Dr Disrespect, took to Twitter to share his frustrations.

With many people stuck indoors due to the novel Coronavirus, Call of Duty: Warzone could not have dropped at a better time. The fast-paced, 150-player battle royale has taken over gaming, garnering over 6 million players in one day. History has shown that when there is a large number of people playing a game, there will likely be an equally large number of people watching on Twitch, and Warzone is no exception.

Dr Disrespect has reached over 65,000 concurrent viewers streaming this game, and with so many watching, viewers have been eager to see some competitive play from the world’s best players. BoomTV and CashApp wasted no time in hosting a Code Green $50,000 tournament this past Thursday. Many famous streamers competed, such as Dr Disrespect, Nadeshot, Ninja, and more. Viewers also got to see the world’s best Call of Duty players like Formal, Crimsix, and Clayster compete as well. The tournament format gave competitors a five hour window to rack up as many high kill games as possible, then took the total of the best 5 games to account for the team’s score. The team of Crimsix, Clayster, and TeePee took home first place, while Dr Disrespect’s team placed 32nd, totaling 153 eliminations.

Dr Disrespect then took to Twitter to announce to the world that he was not satisfied, mentioning that his team “collapsed” during the Code Green tournament, and added that he “wants revenge” during today’s 100T Warzone Tournament.

He’ll be teaming up again with DougisRaw, but will be replacing Formal with TSM’s THEvsnz. Dr Disrespect, commonly referred to as the “Two-Time,” (for his back to back blockbuster 1993-1994 video game championships) is mostly known for his online entertaining personality, but he also has shown the world he is capable of domination during competitive events. It will be interesting to see if he is able to bounce back, especially without one of Call of Duty’s best players, Formal, at his side.

Viewers can watch the 100T Warzone Tournament on Friday, starting at 12:00pm CST. This tournament will feature a head to head bracket style play.

Despite the different format, the tournament will still have much of the same great talent, but also will feature some names that did not compete in the Code Green tournament. The question remains, however, if the “Two-Time,” will get his revenge, or fall short again.

Sources: Dr Disrespect/Twitter

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