Dr Disrespect Names Turtle Beach’s Roccat As His Exclusive Keyboard

Dr Disrespect is pairing up with Roccat as his new exclusive mouse and keyboard.

Back in 2019, Turtle Beach purchased PC peripheral maker Roccat, making them their official mouse and keyboard division. Dr Disrespect has a long-standing partnership with Turtle Beach to supply his headsets. Today, Dr Disrespect announced that he’d also be partnering with Roccat, who will exclusively supply him with mice and keyboards.

The Doc has made it no secret that he’s in it for the money, so this makes sense.

What’s great about this partnership isn’t so much the products themselves (which were very solid computer peripherals even before Dr Disrespect gave them his nod of support) but actually the ads this partnership has produced.

In their first ad, Doc is driving his beloved Lamborghini (although in this case, it’s a Huracan and not an Aventador) in some nameless desert when it suddenly breaks down. Just as he’s waving smoke from the engine compartment he receives a call on his flip-phone from a mysterious robotic voice. Then a Porsche drives up and starts doing donuts while the driver tells the Doctor “it’s time to get you into something German.”

Both Turtle Beach and Porsche are German brands, in case you were wondering.

The Stig-like driver then hands the Two-Time a gun case filled with a Roccat Kain 200 mouse and a Vulcan 121 keyboard before driving off, leaving Doc to make his way home on foot.

There’s also a series of shorter spots that showcase the benefits of Roccat’s wares. Supposedly the Kain 200 has a response time 16 ms faster than other mice, which is an imperceptibly short amount of time to most humans but not to the Doc’s heightened gamer reflexes.

“Benjamin Franklin or whatever once declared, ‘the best investment is in the tools of one’s own trade,’” said Dr Disrespect in a press release. “Only ROCCAT’s sleek, precision-engineered gaming devices can meet my exact demands for the premiere tools necessary to dominate my competition.”

You can check out the ads on Roccat’s website, which also announced that Dr Disrespect will be working with the German peripheral-maker to create a more Doc-specific series of mice and keyboards. We’ll be sure to let you know what they cook up.

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