Doom Eternal cheat codes: All cheat codes, where to find them and what they do

Doom Eternal has a lot of collectibles that players can unlock throughout the campaign for the game.

You can find toys, you can find records (featuring tracks from previous Doom and Quake games), you can find upgrades for your weapons and armours, and you can find cheat codes that make replaying the game a whole lot easier, too.

These discs, like most other collectibles in the game, are hidden around the game world – nestled into nooks and crannies, tempting you off the beaten path in order to find them.

We've put together a quick guide explaining what levels these 14 discs can be found in, and what they do once you unlock them.

Here's what you need to know.

DOOM Eternal Cheat Codes – Locations

Level 1: Hell on Earth – One Cheat Code disc
Level 2: Exultia – None
Level 3 : Cultist Base – One Cheat Code disc
Level 4: DOOM Hunter Base – One Cheat Code disc
Level 5 : Super Gore Nest –One Cheat Code disc
Level 6: Arc Complex – One Cheat Code disc
Level 7: Mars Core – One Cheat Code disc
Level 8: Sentinel Prime – None
Level 9: Taras Nabad – One Cheat Code disc
Level 10: Nekravol, Pt I – One Cheat Code disc
Level 11: Nekravol, Pt II – Two Cheat Code discs
Level 12 : Urdak – One Cheat Code disc
Hub : Fortress of Doom – One Cheat Code disc

It's worth noting that the Hub cheat code only becomes available a short way into the game – you will see it above the central pillar in the middle part of the hub once you complete the Taras Nabad level.

To grab this one, look to the right of the ? indicating a secret near the ceiling, then track right. You will see a red button – shoot it.

This will unlock a vent that allows you to grab the disc.

We will have a full guide detailing where you can find each of the discs in each level up shortly.

DOOM Eternal Cheat Codes – What you can unlock

There are 14 Cheat Codes in the game, and once you unlock the corresponding disc, you can activate any and all the codes from the Mission Select Menu in your hub.

The cheat codes, listed in order the game lays them out, not in the order you collect them, are:

• Activate All Cheats
Toggles all unlocked Cheat Codes

• Infinite Extra Lives
Player has infinite extra lives

Sentinel Armour is active for the whole mission (ergo: you take less damage)

• Instant Stagger Mode
One hit from projectiles, explosions, Flame Belch or Dashing instantly Staggers demons. It has no effect on unique bosses.

•All Runes
All Runes unlocked

•Infinite Ammo
All weapons have infinite ammo

All weapons are unlocked and mastered, and all equipment is unlocked

• Powerup Mode: Onslaught
Infinite Onslaught powerup is active for the whole mission

•Silver Bullet Mode
Staggered Demons die from a single hit from projectiles, explosions, Flame Belch, or Dashing.

• Fully Upgraded Suit
All Praetor Suit Perks are unlocked

• Powerup Mode: Overdrive
Infinite Overdrive powerup is active for the whole mission

• Famine Mode
Demons do not drop health or armour on death

• Party Mode
Demons burst into confetti on full body gib, lower body gib, upper body gib, limb loss and fatal headshots.

•Powerup Mode: Berserk
Infinite Berserk powerup on map start. Only works on Hell on Earth, Exultia, Super Gore Nest, ARC Complex and Mars Core.

• QuakeCon Mode
An invisible audience cheers based on how you play.

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