Donut County: A Guide To All Achievements

There have been many funny and downright strange puzzle games over the years, such as Portal or Quantum Conundrum, but one that has flown somewhat under the radar is the indie gem Donut County. Released as a mobile and PS4 title in mid-2018 before coming to the Xbox and Switch later in the same year, Donut County has the distinction of being published under Annapurna Interactive, the same company that published What Remains of Edith Finch, Journey, and Kentucky Route Zero.

As Donut County is a relatively short game, with players being able to reach the end within a couple of hours, getting every available achievement should be a priority for anyone wanting to get the most out of this title, which, thankfully, isn’t hard to do.

Pup’s Odyssey

This achievement is easily obtainable in the first level of the game where you are in control of the “donut” in a flashback to a time before everything fell into a giant sinkhole. To get this achievement, simply hold the flaming hole under the hot-air balloon to launch it and finish the level.

Donut County

Further down the track in the game’s story, you will control Mira as she tries to put BK in his place by destroying everything he loves, including the donut shop they both work at. In order to get this achievement, simply drop the donut shop into the hole and finish the level.

The Flume Is Doomed

Shortly after swallowing up the donut shop, the hole will find its way to Racoon Lagoon, a water park that you are tasked with destroying in order to progress through the story. While some aspects of the level are a little confusing, this achievement is unlocked by simply finishing the level and destroying the Raccoon Lagoon.


In the final level of the game, you will be tasked with stopping the Trash King from swallowing everything else up into his donut hole. You control a hole inside his headquarters. The main goal here is to hack into his computer system and gain access to the inside of the building, so just completing this part of the level will unlock the achievement.

Boss Fight

While the rest of the game sees you simply controlling a donut hole to swallow up everything in sight, the final level puts you into a boss battle with the Trash King and his mobile fortress instead.

To get this achievement, simply defeat the Trash King boss fight and send his flying machine packing, which just requires avoiding the cement gun and launching his bombs back at him.


Possibly the easiest achievement to unlock, the “Redeemed” achievement simply requires you to watch through the final cutscene that sees everyone who was swallowed by the donut holes returned to the surface, alongside all of their possessions.


While the description for this achievement states that you need to complete the Trashopedia, the actual requirements are a little different. While you do need to have swallowed every item in the game, which is easily accomplished by simply finishing the game, you also need to enter the Trashopedia and scroll through every item for the achievement to unlock.


In the Chicken Barn level, BK will be asked by Mira to buy the catapult, which opens up new gameplay elements going forward and allows you to throw up specific items and creatures that have been swallowed by the hole. The “Gamer” achievement can be unlocked by also buying the energy drinks at the same time as the catapult, and you should have enough money to buy both at the same time.


In the Joshua Tree level, your hole can be set on fire if you let the crow throw a piece of coal inside the hole after swallowing the stack of wood beside the picnic table. To get the “Pyro” achievement, set the hole on fire, then quickly position it under the trailer to set it on fire.

Quack Enthusiast

This achievement is very easy in theory, but the execution is somewhat annoying compared to every other achievement in the game. It requires you to just sit on your couch button mashing for a few minutes.

In the opening sequence where Mira is talking to BK on the phone, you need to press the “Quack” button 100 times rather than continue the conversation, which would be very easy if you weren’t constantly interrupted by BK returning Quacks himself.

Egg Breaker

Back in the Chicken Barn level, once you have unlocked the catapult and returned the chicken to the barn, there will be an egg launcher on the righthand side of the barn that throws eggs out at you. You are expected to catch all of these to make the donut hole bigger, but to get this achievement, position the hole away from the eggs for a few seconds and break three dozen of them before progressing. The eggs will never run out, so you don’t have to worry about being soft-locked and having to reset the level if you let more break.

Music Lover

The “Music Lover” achievement is relatively simple to unlock, requiring that you finish Gecko Park without taking the radio, though actually meeting this requirement may take a couple of attempts if you are finding controlling the donut hole difficult. The best way to finish Gecko Park without getting the radio is to leave it until last, though you do need to take the box that it is sitting on without dropping the radio in the hole accidentally.


This achievement is somewhat annoying, requiring you to defeat Trash King without taking damage, though the boss battle itself isn’t overly difficult. This may take a few attempts, but if you have defeated him before, you should know what to expect and how to avoid the donut hole being filled with cement.

Game Over

While the boss battle is harder to defeat without taking damage, the battle itself takes even longer if you are trying to lose, which is what this achievement requires of you. The best way to lose is to simply put the controller down and watch the show, since Mira will take damage every time the hole is filled with cement, regardless of how fast you destroy the cement block.


Inside the Trash King’s HQ, there will be a monitor in the Anthropology room that the Trash King uses to talk to his subordinates. To unlock this achievement, all you have to do is destroy this monitor with the firework.

This is one that can be missed the first time through the level, as it isn’t required to finish this section, though if you love to destroy everything in sight on every level, you will probably unlock this achievement without even trying.


Like the “Disrespecter” achievement, this is also one you can miss during a first time playthrough. In order to unlock this achievement, you need to destroy the Trash King’s monument in the boss level, which can be done once the donut hole begins to form a tornado and you are tasked with destroying the HQ. At the opposite end of the boss level, there is a statue of the Trash King which is the monument in question and can be destroyed in the same way as the HQ.

Secret Soup

In the second area of the Cat Soup level, you need to make the Chef’s soup to progress by following the instructions on the wall. However, if you add pepper a few more times, the soup will turn red and unlock the “Secret Soup” achievement instead. This can be quite challenging as cockroaches will appear every time you add another ingredient to the hole, so you need to simultaneously add ingredients while keeping the bugs out of it.


This is a very easy achievement to unlock, though it can’t be done until after you have beaten the game. Once you are in control of the drone in the end credits area, simply fly through the donut sign to unlock the achievement.


This achievement is a little vague, as it would seem like it would unlock in the HQ level, but it’s actually found in the same end credits area as the ‘Pilot’ achievement. From the center of the level, just beside the donut shop, fly as high as you can until you see an anchor, then follow it up to find the Trash King’s secret escape vehicle and unlock the achievement.


The “Bandit” achievement may be one of the hardest to unlock without a guide, though is simple once you know what to do. In order to unlock the achievement, you need to break into the vault at HQ, which is done by pressing the Up, Left, Down, then Left buttons on the board in the Biolab before using the magnet. If done correctly, this should unlock the vault door in the security room, which can be re-entered after finishing the Biolab area.

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