Disney’s Twisted-Wonderland: Defense Power Tier List

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  • S-Tier (11000+ Maximum HP)
  • A-Tier (9000+ Maximum HP)
  • B-Tier (7500+ Maximum HP
  • C-Tier (6000+ Maximum HP
  • D-Tier (Less Than 6000 Maximum HP)

During battles in Disney's Twisted-Wonderland your team shares a combined HP total. This means that having a couple of defense-oriented characters present can significantly increase your staying power. We've crunched the numbers on every SR and SSR outfit in the English version of the game to see who can take the most damage.

This list includes both the starting HP for each character as well as the maximum possible HP total once they're fully leveled up and Groovified. We've also included each character's Buddy pairings that boost HP so you can endure even more attacks!

S-Tier (11000+ Maximum HP)

NameOutfitRarityDormHP at Level 1HP at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2HP Buddy Pairings
TreyDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul2,98913,898Water / FloraDeuce, Idia
DeuceDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul2,86412,545Cosmic / WaterRiddle, Ace
OrthoPrecision GearSRIgnihyde2,86412,000Fire / FloraJade
KalimLabwearSRScarabia2,82511,836Fire / FireJack
SilverLabwearSRDiasomnia2,80911,769Fire / CosmicMalleus
FloydCeremonial RobesSROctavinelle2,78611,673Flora / WaterKalim
RuggieDorm UniformSSRSavanaclaw2,67611,640Cosmic / WaterJack, Azul
RuggieCeremonial RobeSRSavanaclaw2,74711,509Flora / FireJack
LeonaLabwearSRSavanaclaw2,70811,346Water / FireEpel
CaterLabwearSRHeartslabyul2,66911,183Water / FloraJack
LiliaCeremonial RobesSRDiasomnia2,65311,116Flora / FireCater
AceLabwearSRHeartslabyul2,63011,019Cosmic / WaterOrtho

Most of the top-tier HP cards are only SR, so you don't need to run yourself ragged trying to get SSR outfits to have a strong defense. It's also worth noting that Jack gives an HP bonus to many of the characters on this list when he fights alongside them, so taking him is a smart choice even though his HP is generally middling.

A-Tier (9000+ Maximum HP)

NameOutfitRarityDormHP at Level 1HP at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2HP Buddy Pairings
RiddleCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul2,59110,856Fire / WaterIdia
CaterDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul2,48910,453Flora / FireTrey, Rook
RookCeremonial RobesSSRPomefiore2,55910,056Fire / WaterFloyd
EpelLabwearSRPomefiore2,5239,915Water / CosmicRook
VilLabwearSRPomefiore2,4889,777Flora / FireAzul
JamilLabwearSRScarabia2,4539,640Fire / FloraAzul
FloydLabwearSROctavinelle2,4189,502Water / CosmicIdia
AzulLabwearSROctavinelle2,4189,502Flora / FireEpel
AceDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul2,2789,225Fire / FloraDeuce, Kalim
JackLabwearSRSavanaclaw2,3479,223Cosmic / FireJade

B-Tier (7500+ Maximum HP

NameOutfitRarityDormHP at Level 1HP at Max Level + GroofivicationElement 1 / Element 2HP Buddy Pairings
JackDorm UniformSSRSavanaclaw2,1958,889Fire / FloraRuggie, Jade
MalleusLabwearSRDiasomnia2,2678,614Water / FireSilver
OrthoBurst GearSRIgnihyde2,2408,512Flora / WaterIdia
IdiaLabwearSRIgnihyde2,2098,394Water / WaterCater
LeonaCeremonial RobesSRSavanaclaw2,1788,276Flora / WaterJack
TreyCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul2,1468,154Flora / CosmicRook
DeuceLabwearSRHeartslabyul2,1158,037Cosmic / FloraJade
SilverCeremonial RobesSRDiasomnia2,1027,987Water / FloraLilia
LeonaDorm UniformSSRSavanaclaw2,0377,638Flora / FloraDeuce, Ruggie
SebekCeremonial RobesSRDiasomnia2,0627,567Fire / FloraMalleus

C-Tier (6000+ Maximum HP

NameOutfitRarityDormHP at Level 1HP at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2HP Buddy Pairings
IdiaCeremonial RobesSRIgnihyde2,0337,461Fire / FloraVil
LiliaLabwearSRDiasomnia2,0227,420Water / WaterTrey
RookLabwearSRPomefiore2,0057,358Flora / FloraLeona
RiddleDorm UniformSSRHeartslabyul1,9627,357Fire / FireTrey, Azul
MalleusCeremonial RobesSRDiasomnia1,9987,332Flora / WaterSebek
KalimCeremonial RobesSRScarabia1,9777,255Flora / CosmicJamil
JadeLabwearSROctavinelle1,9487,149Water / FloraCater
TreyLabwearSRHeartslabyul1,9207,046Water / FireAce
RiddleLabwearSRHeartslabyul1,8926,943Water / FloraJamil
JadeCeremonial RobesSROctavinelle1,8376,264Fire / CosmicTrey
AzulCeremonial RobesSROctavinelle1,8126,178Cosmic / FloraNone
RuggieLabwearSRSavanaclaw1,7876,093Fire / WaterRiddle
SebekLabwearSRDiasomnia1,7726,042Fire / WaterLilia
JackCeremonial RobesSRSavanaclaw1,7626,008Water / FloraRook

D-Tier (Less Than 6000 Maximum HP)

NameOutfitRarityDormHP at Level 1HP at Max Level + GroovificationElement 1 / Element 2HP Buddy Pairings
EpelCeremonial RobesSRPomefiore1,7475,957Flora / FireVil
CaterCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,7375,923Fire / FloraRiddle
VilCeremonial RobesSRPomefiore1,7225,872Fire / WaterJack, Rook
DeuceCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,7125,837Water / FireTrey
JamilCeremonial RobesSRScarabia1,6975,786Flora / WaterRiddle
AceCeremonial RobesSRHeartslabyul1,6875,752Flora / FireRiddle

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