Digimon Survive Possibly Delayed Until 2021

It looks like Digimon Survive is about to receive another major blow in the form of a delay. The game’s producer has been radio silent for a while now, but a recent tweet posted in response to a concerned fan hints at the crushing setback we originally feared.

Digimon Survive producer Kazumasa Habu took to Twitter yesterday in order to respond to a worried fan speaking on behalf of the game’s community. The fan addressed Habu directly in an attempt to retrieve information pertaining to any progress on Digimon Survive. The tweet also mentioned Habu’s longstanding absence from social media, but ultimately the community just wanted answers and believed they should be kept in the loop.

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Habu replied to the fan a week later to apologize, and all but confirmed that Digimon Survive is being delayed. Habu also mentioned that there had been a revision of the game’s development system, before stating that the company is “refocusing the schedule” for the title. The producer concluded his reply by assuring fans that Bandai Namco will make an announcement in the near future, which will no doubt be an official statement confirming the game’s delay.

Originally announced in 2018, Digimon Survive’s development has been anything but smooth sailing. Its original release date was set to December 31, but the game has yet to even receive an official trailer. Although the pandemic has caused many setbacks across the games industry at large, Bandai Namco previously announced that these disruptions would not extend to Digimon Survive. Prior to the pandemic, the RPG had to undergo a major redesign after fans of the franchise criticized the game’s morbid premise.

The initial design included decision-based progression, where a certain series of choices could trigger the protagonist’s death. The game description originally mentioned the title’s “darker tale about survival and friendship,” but it had to undergo a drastic overhaul in order to resonate with concerned Digimon fans. The premise sees Takuma Momozuka on a new adventure with friends, who get lost on a school camping trip and end up in a mysterious world.

Intended to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Digimon anime, Digimon Survive may not arrive until Q2 2021. Fans were initially happy to be patient and wait for developer Witchcraft’s redesign, but its lack of communication with the community has not been well received.

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