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After taking the indie horror scape by storm, Devour has returned to players’ hands with a new map and enemy in tow. The co-op horror survival game continues to hit on common horror themes by evolving upon its current groundwork of designing maps around your typical scary story environment. Whether it’s a haunted Farmhouse, a cursed Inn, a tormented Asylum, or the new vacant Town, the hairs on your neck are sure to jolt with fear.

The new map, dubbed “The Town”, is one of the larger maps in Devour and takes place in a western-style ghost town. It is filled with numerous buildings that you are tasked with exploring to proceed with completing the level. However, like every other map, there are enemies standing in your way. The main enemy for this map is Sam, one of the playable characters who has now been possessed by the demon Azazel and serves as the “Sheriff” for the area.

The Town’s Mechanics And Items

Like many of the maps in the game, The Town has a number of obstacles that must be cleared in order to claim victory against Sam. The twist regarding this map is that it is a combination of the previous maps while sporting a level of difficulty incomparable to its companion areas.

The secret behind this difficulty is the number of elements you have to juggle while avoiding the Ghosts that rain from the heavens and Sheriff Sam. These elements are keys, books, matches, and gasoline you must collect throughout the map. Each item will be placed sporadically and are necessary for taking down the threat that has brought you to The Town to begin with.

You also need to keep note of the pentagrams around the map, keeping in mind which are glowing and where they are currently located.


As you explore the different buildings around the map, you’ll find keys placed on different surfaces for you to collect. Each key will correspond with a specific lockbox that will be in a different building from where you found it. Due to this, odds are that you will be holding on to many keys at once.

However, you don’t have to worry about your inventory space as the keys are stored in a separate menu – pressing the K button will bring up the key item menu where you can see all keys that you have collected and which lockbox they are associated with.


Books are obtained by opening the lockboxes around the map. Each book will have a symbol on its cover – these symbols correspond with one of the buildings located in the map. By entering the associated building, you can light the candles next to the glowing pentagram and begin the ritual of sourcing demonic power into the book.

Once the ritual is complete, you will have to take it to the Church at the back of the map – here you will burn the book and move one step closer to saving Sam.


Inside the buildings will be matches. Matches are needed to light the candles around glowing pentagrams and begin the book ritual.

Although there isn’t a guide to finding the specific location of matches, there is an indicator for which buildings hold glowing pentagrams where the matches can be used. Keep your eyes open for buildings whose hanging lanterns are lit!


Gasoline can be found both in and out of buildings and is used to light the stake in the middle of the Church. It is important that you light the stake in the middle of the Church so you can burn the books after completing the book ritual.

You will not be able to proceed further without burning the books.

How To Complete The Town

When the map first loads, you’ll be at the entrance of The Town (evident by The Town’s welcome sign at the beginning of the road). At this point, neither the ghosts nor Sam has spawned, so you can explore the area as you pleased. There are many collectibles to pick up and papers to read. Once you’re ready to begin the encounter, you’ll want to head to the Saloon.

Once you near the Saloon, you’ll start to hear a piano playing. Enter the Saloon and walk towards the piano across the room, this stops the music and sets things in motion. Walk up the stairs on your left and into the bedroom. Inside is a window where you can collect your first key. This is the key to the Church.

Leave the Saloon and head towards the right, follow that direction until you find a pathway marked with cross gravestones. Go up this path, and you’ll be at the Church.

Use your key to enter the Church and step into the large pentagram at its center. This summons Sam and the ghosts that will attack you. At this point, Sam is not hostile, but the ghosts are. However, if you stare at Sam, he will get aggressive and attack you.

It is important to note that Sam has the ability to shoot you from a distance and the ghosts can go through walls to attack you.

With Sam summoned, you need to head back to The town. Some buildings in The town will have their lanterns lit, these are the buildings with active pentagrams and this identifier will persist until all buildings are cleared.

Once you’re back in town, you can start looking for keys immediately or begin gathering and placing resources to make your run easier.

When you start collecting keys, make sure to read which key corresponds to which building. As mentioned before, the corresponding building will have a lockbox that the key can open. Open the lockbox and retrieve the book inside, this book will also have a symbol that relates it to one of the buildings. Repeat this process until you have a book that corresponds with a building whose lantern is lit.

Once those criteria are met, you can begin the book ritual. Take the book to its corresponding building that has its lantern lit. Inside, you will see an active pentagram – identifiable by its fiery red glow.

Here you can use the matches you’ve found to light the three candles around the pentagram. With the candles lit, you will place the book in the center of the pentagram. The ritual will begin, and the book will glow with the same fiery color.

Now that the book ritual is complete, you must take the book to the Church where you can burn it after lighting the Church’s stake aflame with a tank of gasoline (you can find many gasoline tanks throughout the map).

Beware of the ghosts: if they attack and kill you, they can pick up your book and halt your progress. You will not be able to progress until you find the specific ghost that stole your book and kill it after being revived by another player.

Once you make it to the Church, place the book in the fire pit and light it with the gasoline tank. After the book has finished burning, you will be rewarded with progress and Sam will grow more aggressive.

The number of ghosts and Sam’s aggressiveness will grow in relation to the number of books you have burned, so burning more books will grant you more progress but also a harder challenge.

Repeat this entire process ten times to complete The Town map.

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