Devolver Digital And Flying Wild Hog Partner Up In Unannounced New Project

Devolver and Flying Wild Hog are teaming up yet again for an unannounced project, but we have a pretty good idea of what it might be.

Last January, Devolver put the whole Shadow Warrior franchise up for sale with a massive 75% price cut. Additionally, Devolver said that they “cannot comment on rumors or speculation regarding future Shadow Warrior games.”

Fast forward to today and we’ve got another tweet from Devolver saying that they’re teaming up with Flying Wild Hog, the developers for the Shadow Warrior franchise. They didn’t say what game they’d be making together, but really, what else could it be but a new Shadow Warrior game?

“Devolver Digital is thrilled and honored to be working with the [email protected]_Wild_Hog team again on a new project!” Devolver said on social media. “Watch out for a reveal and more later this year and give them a follow for all the latest from the studio.”

In case you’re new to the whole Shadow Warrior thing, you play as Lo Wang, a former assassin-turned demon hunter who uses magic katanas and an arsenal of guns and witty one-liners to take down evil wherever it may be. Think of him as an Asian version of Duke Nukem that was just as sexist but far more successful.

We’ll get an official announcement later this year. In the meantime, best start polishing those katanas.

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